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NYQuilts! - New Quilt Show in New York State


1997 NYQuilts! - June 7-8, 1997

NYQuilts! in 1997 displayed quilts from all over the United States and the world. Many of these quilts were from quilters who learned of NYQuilts! from the internet and the show's web site. Quilts of all styles and techniques, as well as those made by quilters of all experience levels and ages were displayed.

The 1997 NYQuilts! theme was patriotic - in conjunction with the annual Uncle Sam's Day parade and celebration. Troy is the home of Uncle Sam and each year celebrates this American folk figure in a Flag Day event. Quilters provided quilts in appropriate red, white and blue, stars and stripes and other patriotic themes. Invitational quilts such as wartime quilts provided by Stearns/Mountain Mist Collection and the American Heritage Contest Winner quilts loaned by Fairfield Processing Corp. joined the patriotic fervor. Even the 1996 Hoffman Challenge Quilts fit into the 1997 NYQuilts! theme with its "Old Glory" fabric.

Quilters took classes from Lucretia Romey, Joleen Roe, Deborah Tucker, Catherine Riccio and Mary Devane. Topics ranged from hand and machine quilting and hand applique to paper foundation piecing, hand dyeing and photo transfers.


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