The Society For The Protection and Preservation of Fruitcake

 Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, you have questions.
Here are some of those more frequently asked
and what's more, some answers from the founder...

  1. Why did you found the Society, and when?
    The Society was founded sometime around 1999. I was working for a webpage hosting company and must have mentioned to my co-workers that it was the weekend to make fruitcake. Much abuse and derision resulted from this. What could I do but create a web page in response. I added some links to other pages, my own recipe and suddenly people were asking for recipes and wanting more info.

  2. How can I join? Are there dues?
    The Society is currently a non-membership organization, but we're glad to have you amongst the ranks. Feel free to link to the Society's main page ( ) and spread the gospel. No dues and no monthly meetings!

  3. What's the purpose of the Society?
    The Society's goal is to protect and preserve fruitcake, not in the pouring on more brandy or rum type of preservation but in the 'spread the gospel' way. By providing information and links about fruitcake, it's hoped we can provide safe haven for fruitcake lovers and some encouragement for others to give it a try.

  4. What's the correct response when someone makes fun of me for liking fruitcake?
    Perhaps the best response is to offer the person a slice of good fruitcake. Or you could try not sharing your fruitcake with them - sometimes we want what we cannot have, after all.

  5. What's the correct response when someone gives me a fruitcake as a gift?
    Unless it's the sort of fruitcake you get for $1 each at your local Stop and Shop, you should be honored by the gift. Slice thin, serve with a good beverage and enjoy, preferably on a cold winter night.

  6. What's all the interest in fruitcake and why should I care?
    I think there's a lot of interest because of the disparity between corny fruitcake jokes and serious fruitcake fanciers. It's easy to take potshots at fruitcakes. It's not so easy to make good ones.

  7. What is that green stuff in fruitcakes anyway?
    There are two things that are green in fruitcakes.

    One is the bright green maraschino cherries that are often used, especially as decorations on top. I don't blame you for being leery of those - they are a color seriously not found in nature.

    The other is citron, which is a paler green (and is seen in the Society logo at the top of the page). This is a naturally occuring fruit which has been candied as a means of preserving it. Citron is a family of fruit which includes the Etrog used in Jewish Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles.

  8. Who are you and what do you do when you're not defending fruitcake?
    I'm just a person who likes fruitcake and makes it on a regular basis and enjoys the communication possible on the web. When I'm not making and promoting fruitcake, I make quilts and I mess around with web stuff and Macs. I like baking bread and other things. And of course I savor good fruitcake with a good beverage on cold wintery nights.

  9. What if I need more info? (I'm writing an article or would like to interview you)
    Probably the best thing is to contact me by email.





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