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Sheryl Craig -- Sunday Lecturer

Born in Honolulu, Sheryl learned to sew from her mother while still in grade school. Her tutu (Hawaiian for "grandmother") in Honolulu taught her Hawaiian quilting while Sheryl was in her early twenties and living in North Carolina sometimes by mailing her instructions, patterns and quilting hints. She also passed along more patterns, tips, folklore and philosophy of Hawaiian quilting as well as the many quilts, quilt tops and pillowtops during visits.

Sheryl has done patchwork quilting, but loves the vivid colors, abstract designs and folklore of Hawaiian quilting. She is the only one of her generation in the family who has kept up her tutu's craft and she feels a responsibility to teach others of this dying art. She has designed many Hawaiian quilting pillow patterns of native Hawaiian plants and is currently designing patterns using plants of the Northeast.

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visitors since Sept. 1996

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