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Help Wanted - NYQuilts! Committees

Although all the individual tasks needed to make a quilt show happen aren't listed below, these are the main committees and the things they do to make NYQuilts! happen each year. Many of these committees would love to have the help of an extra person or two, even if only for a short time or a particular task. We provide on-the-job-training as needed.

Perhaps you can spare an evening to stuff envelopes or help make a few phone calls. Perhaps your friendship group or scout troop can spend a few hours white gloving or helping with set up or take down. We will find a spot for you. Although the committees last from year to year, many of the individual jobs are short-term and would really benefit from a set of hands or two... or four.

Need more information or want to sign on to help?

* Indicates a NYQuilts! Board Position

Pres.* & Vice Pres.*

Work with all committees to outline tasks and confirm completion and information sharing. Gather information about problems and needs of committees and work to resolve any issues. Strive to promote show to others and find sources of support. Act as spokesperson and ambassador on behalf of NYQuilts! with media and others as needed.

 Ambassadors at Large

Acts as spokes person on behalf of NYQuilts! in special settings such as shops, shows, guilds etc. Provides printed NYQuilts! material to people and places in timely manner. Provides a good personae for NYQuilts!
Makes arrangements with folks who want to sell items at consignment table. Handles NYQuilts! tshirts, totes and pins etc.
Obtains donations of food from local vendors. Arranges reception for Friday night preview. Stocks and maintains vendor lounge with food and drinks.
Invitational Quilts
Seeks out quilts and challenges to invite to NYQuilts! as special displays. Makes arrangements with quilt makers/contacts. Obtains and provides information to quilt registrar and program book committee regarding these quilts. Contacts featured quilter and provides information regarding his/her quilts. Acts as liaison to featured quilter and makes sure housing needs met etc.
Provides documentation of quilts and quilt show by photographing quilts and participants
 Program Book
Gathers information and material from each of the other committees as needed for use in program book. Works closely with quilt registrar to obtain and produce quilt information for book. Works with others to proof read copy. Works with printer to obtain estimates and receive finished books.
Maintains accurate list of magazines, newspapers and other media. Sends out information in timely manner.
 Quilt Registrar*
Works with committee to set theme and rules for show. Helps prepare registrar forms and sends to previous registrants. Receives registrations and quilts from entrants and other displayers. Works with Invitational Quilts committee and Program Book committee to gather and share information. Responsible for planning quilt display and for overseeing quilt set up and take down, as well as for judging process and the awarding of ribbons and other prizes.
 Quilters' Resources
Contact point for guilds and businesses seeking to disseminate information at show. Arranges materials on table(s) at show.



Helps prepare information for brochure regarding classes, registration and housing. Receives registrations from registrants and maintains accurate lists of registrations for each class. Works with other committees to share information and assure that teachers and other guests have suitable arrangements made. Prepares and distributes registration information to registrants. Answers questions about class availability. Acts as liaison with Sage re housing and classroom needs.

 Special Assistant

Provides special assistance and support to a person or committee. Moral support and cheer and hands on assistance.
Responsible for financial accounting for funds incoming and outgoing. Prepares budget information and comparison with other years as needed. Receives income from other committees and makes reimbursement for expenses. Maintains records of all transactions. Prepares for cash needs for show weekend.


Maintains information of those wishing to be vendors. Prepares information and registration forms sent to vendor candidates. Receives registrations of vendors and compiles information. Shares this information with program book committee and others. Provides vendors with housing and travel information and with printed promotional material to distribute. Makes arrangements for rental tables. Prepares layout of space and marks floor for spaces.
 Volunteer Coordinator
Contacts guilds and other organizations seeking volunteers for show. Maintains lists of volunteer contact information. Signs volunteers in/out at the show and provides information needed to do volunteer tasks. Works with other committees to determine volunteer needs for each.
Gathers information regarding possible teachers/lecturers. Makes contact with teachers selected by general committee regarding availability etc. Contracts with teachers for show and obtains supply lists and information on special needs regarding housing/food etc. Works with Registrar and Quilt Registrar to make sure information is shared and arrangements are made.

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