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2000 Teachers and Lecturers

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CLASSES taught by:

Irma Gail Hatcher - Conway, Arkansas

maker of "Conway Album (I'm Not From Baltimore)"

named one of "The 100 Best Quilts of the Twentieth Century"

Barbara Garrett - Pottstown, Pennsylvania

(See Barb on Episode 537 of Simply Quilts in January 14, 2000)

FREE LECTURES: 1:30 Both Days

Saturday -- Kris Driessen -- Esperence, New York

"The Mystery of Antique Quilts"

Sunday -- Barbara Garrett -- Pottstown, Pennsylvania

"With a Mother's Love, An Historic Overview of Quilt Making 1780-1940"

Our Featured New York Quilter, Mary Wirchansky will be talking about her work and her quilts on display at NYQuilts! -- both days at 3 pm.

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