Statement from the IQF Signage:
Kapow! Pow! Bend. Break. Shake. Doubt.
I kept my trimmings from my new quilt, begun this month. All the left overs. Made this one night by grabbing a handful and sewing it down quickly. Is it a spine? A Jacob’s Ladder toy? Fireworks? A flower? An explosion? I decide to try working only with bits and pieces of my current projects.
Sometimes the only thing to celebrate is a memory of love.
When it’s all happening in your head, love is a many-layered thing: good, bad and worst, indifferent. Scraps from a ball gown. I’m sewing the many columns of my quilt while pondering the small red “sparks" I’m planning on it. I’ve sketched some ideas for the quilting
Sharp. Pointy. Intrusive. Impacting. Complex. Messy.
Shreds and scraps from my guild’s Quilt-In, to celebrate National Quilt Day and make quilts to give away locally.
The Force of Spring.
Robins’ eggs blue to remember the robins’ nest on our front porch and the family we watched grow up there. Started a new quilt - pink and green! Wove this from the trimmings to see if I liked the colors. Yes I do! When I showed some friends one asked “but where’s the curve that’s in all the others” so I added the curve of robins eggs.
Whole lotta pink, a little on edge.
Pink.Pink.Pink. First trimmings of new quilt. Cut a hunk of fabric I discharged a year or more ago. Frayed, ripped, raveled. Sewed it all down but it was pretty blah. In a tip o’ the hat to all that is artsy-fartsy I got out my weirdest Bernina foot.. Suddenly it was dancing!
Life. Death. Choice. Good. Evil. Choice. Love. Hate. Choice.
Scraps from the pink and green quilt and others. While listening to music, I’m reminded of the poem, “The Two Trees” by Wm. B. Yeats. How I’m struggling with Sept 11. Human v Human. How does one make those choices? What do you choose?
Healing. Holding Together.
During the whole pink fabric obsession, one image and idea that has stayed with me was the notion of pink=healing. Wounds have this pink edge where healing and regeneration happens. I’m quilting the quilt “mentioned” in January and these are the thread trimmings.
Lift up your eyes. Narrow view. Slice of life.
Trimmings from a small landscape made as an anniversary gift for neighbors. In other quilt news, finished the quilt started in January.
Reverberation. Repercussion. Balance. Impact.
First anniversary of 11 September, 2001 is at hand. What we saw and felt then lingers on today. I seek some balance but I want to be altered by this past year
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