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You know how it is - recipes come and go and years later you think you imagined that memorable fruitcake. Looking for that memory or have one to share? I'll post 'em here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post the answers as well. Thanks!

Fermented Fruit for Fruitcake

I'm looking for a recipe for fermenting your own fruit to be used in a fruitcake. A wonderful lady make this fruitcake over 20 years ago, Delicious! She gave me the recipe, it was called Brandied Fruitcake, but she failed to give me the recipe for the fruit. Do you have a recipe that calls for fermenting your own fruit? Thank You.

like a big raisin cookie...

I need a recipe for a fruitcake that is like no a big raisin cookie, moist..dark, ....not too sweet with walnuts and marischino cherries and pineapple, dates .....delicious!!!!!!!!!

With buttermilk

I'm looking for a fruitcake recipe that I had many years ago. The unusual ingredients I remember are buttermilk and cherry and pineapple preserves. If anyone has a recipe with these ingredients I would be happy to have it.

Just fruit - fruitcake

I'm looking for a recipe for a fruitcake that is a combination of dried/candied fruits and nuts, NO milk, flour, sugar, honey, rum, eggs, etc. The fruits and nuts are ground up, mixed together and pressed into a mold, loaf pan, tube or bundt pan. It isn't baked, is very dense, heavy and rich, and might possibly keep forever. More candy than cake. I remember this cake from the mid '60s, and haven't seen it since. Any suggestions? Help me if you can.

This sounds similar to a recipe I have for sugarplums, but that would be hard to mold as described - any other ideas folks?

Fruitcake made with condensed milk

I am seeking a recipe for Fruitcake that uses cherries, nuts, coconut and sweetened condensed milk for some of the ingredients. I lost mine and my husband would love one for Christmas.


Pre-imbibing Fruits and Nuts with Brandy and Honey

I wish I hadn't lost the recipe I used for years, which I found in a magazine article. I remember it was written by a man. Anyway, you started with 4 cups of your choice of dried fruits and 6 cups of nuts, or maybe it was the other way around, and your choice of two tablespoons of spices, and dumped about 1 cup of brandy or other booze and 1 cup of honey or molasses into a bowl. You kept turning this mixture for a couple of days. I especially liked that part. Then you made up the batter - the author insisted you should use the same amount no matter how many fruitcakes you made, which makes no sense. I used to make four or five 9 X 5 breadpans or the equivalent. Anyone have that recipe?

Stained Glass Fruitcake -- TV Guide

the recipe for fruitcake appeared in the tv guide 25-30 years ago, it was called stained glass fruitcake, it contained red & green candied cherries,candied pineapple,dates, pecans, very little flour, and eggs-no spices,it made a batter that was very stiff, you had to press it in a pan. when mom died we could'nt find the recipe, can you help me out?

And a bottle of rum.....

My grandma made fruitcake using 2 quarts of RUM for 1 large (bundt cake size) She would store the fruitcake in a cool basement over a 2 month period she would keep adding the rum. The carmelizing effect made this the best fruitcake in the world. We were unable to find here recipe when she passed away. Anyone with a recipe similar to this?????

Recipe with grated pear?

It was a "light fruitcake" which called for light-coloured dried fruits (pears, peaches, apricots, golden raisins) and high-quality orange peel to be soaked in bourbon, mixed with grated fresh pear and soft nuts (cashews and pistachios), then cooked in a light batter which included sour cream and ground-up cashews, and a large number of eggs (8 or so). It was spiced primarily with mace and vanilla, with I think a little cinnamon, and it had no dates, prunes, molasses, brown sugar, candied or glacee fruit, or anything dark or fake that cause most of the usual complaints about fruitcake. It did not call for marzipan icing, nor did it call for any soaking in alcohol, and did not require any aging, though I think the recipe did say that it's better if left to sit for a few days in the fridge (which is true).

I found the recipe in an article in a magazine which I picked up in a Safeway Grocery store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; published (I think) by President's Choice brand, some 7 or 8 years ago (1997 or 1998). It was in an article on various fruitcakes called "Everything Old is New Again".

Philly in the 1980's?

There was a recipe in the Philadelphia newspaper in the early 80's with only fruits such as dates, figs (all kinds), raisins, all dark fruits, molasses, some chocolate, for a very moist dark dark, cake. Yielded a lot of fruitcake...Anyone recognize this?

Recipe with Karo light corn syrup

I am looking for a fruitcake recipe similar to one that I remember helping my mother or grandmother make many years ago. It had most of the standard ingredients but no alcohol, citrin, peels, or other bitter ingredients. To the best of my memory, it included at least some of the following ingredients. One thing that stands out in my recolections was the use of Karo light corn syrup.

Ingredients would include: pecans, dates, light and dark raisins, candied cherries (red & green), candied pineapple, flour, Karo syrup

Fruitcake Cookie Recipe

I have lost a recipe for fruitcake cookie. I have searched on the internet and have found some that were close but not quite.

What I remember is that it called for: Brandy, raisins, currants, golden raisins, citron, green and red cherries, nuts (I don't remeber what kind). The fruit, nuts, and brandy were combined and refrigerated for a couple of days maybe and stirred periodically. Then the batter was mixed up and combined with the fruit mixture and dropped by teaspoons and baked as cookies that kept very well.

Flourless Fruitcake

looking for what my mother called a "candied fruit cake" ingrdients were candied cherries. candied pineapple, dates and eight cups of pecans for two spring form cakes. No flour, I recall a slight batter of eggs and sugar. Sound familiar? I need help! Thank you,

Canadian Living - Merry Christmas Magazine Recipe

My mother has lost her favourite fruitcake recipe and I was hoping someone from your website could help. The fruitcake appeared in a Canadian Living Merry Christmas magazine from a few years back. In this issue was an article on hosting a fruitcake stirring party. The recipe I'm looking for is called "Medium Dark Fruitcake". Thank you so much.

Lucille Ball's Fruitcake Recipe

Several years ago Lucille Ball's fruitcake was published. One of the ingredients was golden raisins & cake was wrapped in cheesecloth soaked in rum. We loved this fruitcake but I have misplaced my recipe. If anybody still has it please, please send to me. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

I'll post your wanted recipes here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post your answers as well. Thanks!





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