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You know how it is - recipes come and go and years later you think you imagined that memorable fruitcake. Looking for that memory or have one to share? I'll post 'em here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post the answers as well. Thanks!

Recipe with grated pear?

It was a "light fruitcake" which called for light-coloured dried fruits (pears, peaches, apricots, golden raisins) and high-quality orange peel to be soaked in bourbon, mixed with grated fresh pear and soft nuts (cashews and pistachios), then cooked in a light batter which included sour cream and ground-up cashews, and a large number of eggs (8 or so). It was spiced primarily with mace and vanilla, with I think a little cinnamon, and it had no dates, prunes, molasses, brown sugar, candied or glacee fruit, or anything dark or fake that cause most of the usual complaints about fruitcake. It did not call for marzipan icing, nor did it call for any soaking in alcohol, and did not require any aging, though I think the recipe did say that it's better if left to sit for a few days in the fridge (which is true).

I found the recipe in an article in a magazine which I picked up in a Safeway Grocery store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; published (I think) by President's Choice brand, some 7 or 8 years ago (1997 or 1998). It was in an article on various fruitcakes called "Everything Old is New Again".

I'll post your wanted recipes here for others to answer if you'll email me. I'll post your answers as well. Thanks!

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