Nancy Morgen, Columbus, GA

Waiting For Baby Lollipop


A few years ago, I was saddened by a newspaper story about a little boy found beaten to death. The toddler was bruised and battered, and it was obvious that he had been mistreated for a long time before his death. He was wearing a little shirt with lollipops on it.

Since no one knew who he was, the press called him "Baby Lollipop" while they told the tragic story and searched for any clue to his identity. Even though his family was eventually found and held accountable for their treatment of Baby Lollipop, the story continues to haunt me.

There are so many unanswered questions. How could anyone hurt and kill an innocent child? Why do these things go unnoticed until it is too late? How can we keep another child from suffering and dying so unnecessarily?

In response to these questions, I have created this quilt. It depicts Baby Lollipop's favorite Teddy Bear, waiting by the window for him to come home. The storm raging outside represents the violent world into which this child and many others ware born, while the warm, cozy room in which Teddy waits is the safe haven all children should have.

Please help stop child abuse, and provide a warm, safe and loving world where children can grow up in safety.

26 X 26 inches

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