J. Marie Norris, Umatilla, OR

No More


This quilt has been some fifteen years in the making. It finally came to light when this challenge was put forth to help people become more aware of the atrocities of child abuse in anyway, shape or form. This awareness was to be put forth through the art of quilting.

As you view my art, you will notice the use of many universally understood symbols. The first of these is the shape, binding and center sash in bright red. This symbol is inter-nationally recognized for No. There is a storm raging as the emotions and turmoil in the life of someone who has been abused goes through. The calming of the storm as the healing begins. The hope of all in the butterflies and the families play-ing in the early dawn is present. The broken door of the closet and the bright path leading from it tell us this can't be hidden anymore. If you look closely you may find others you recognize and remember.

There have also been included two writings by my children. At a very young age they were both raped sexually, emotionally and mentally in a state licensed day care situation. For many years they have been healing and these are written at points where they have reached out and realized what wonderful young adults they had become. I hope you will read them and share in their wisdom.

Lastly, but possibly one of the most important aspects of this quilt are the mistakes and imperfections. I worried and fretted over these but then realized how important they are as they are the human aspects. While we may have been made in the image of the Good Lord, we are still only human and as such we make mistakes and are not perfect. If we do not learn from these mistakes and go on to prevent them from happening again, there will never be a possibility of complete healing.

So, please, "No More."

 47.5 inches diameter

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