Linda Hobbs, Athens, GA

Homage to Daddy


My father died when I was six years old. It is a sad commentary on his life that my memory of him is always associated with belt whippings. Earlier this year, a ten y ear old boy in my community was killed by his mother and her boyfriend. They belt whipped him for over two hours. Jamario's last memory of his mother was that of her beating him to death.

The design for Homage to Daddy juxtaposes helpless innocence and brute strength. It displays the ugliness of belt whipping.

My reason for creating this quilt is to speak to all adults who view it. I want the quilt to say to them:

Please do not beat your children.

Beating is not discipline. Beating is abuse.

Give your children memories of love.

29.5 X 40 inches 

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