Kathryn Rippeteau Greenwold, Niskayuna, NY

Prevent Child Abuse New York


This quilt is made at the request of Prevent Child Abuse New York and is my gift to that organization and my friend, Auriella Baker. It is to be included in the Child Abuse Quilts: Revealing and Healing the Pain of Child Abuse collection, and will travel with this collection. When all exhibits are completed, the quilt will reside with Prevent Child Abuse New York. The quilt is dedicated to the untiring efforts of another friend, Mary Beth Goodman, who organized the collection and has made sure it will be seen by many people.

Growing up I thought my life was normal. I was an adult before I realized that everyone did not have the kind of life my brothers and I endured. Nothing can be done now to change that, but efforts can be made to stop it from happening to other children. The stronger we speak the message that abuse is wrong, the more often it is heard, more children can be saved from the "normal" I lived. The quilts are a positive way of conveying the message.

I have incorporated the emblem of Prevent Child Abuse New York in the design of the quilt. The radiating star of lighter and shimmering fabrics represents the light overcoming darkness. It is made up of fragments of many quilt projects representing the good that can bv come from the fragmented lives some of us are given to work with. The gold cord couched on the surface represents that threads of good and wonderful things that ran through my life, even at the darkest times - my grandmother, several teachers, friends, and one of my cousins, who is still my closest friend.

The surface is both hand and machine quilted. The machine quilting is used artistically to create an even more intricate surface. It is also a metaphor for the mechanization of our society - do it quickly - do it cheaply - do it uniformly- do it now! The hand quilting in the central design area was artistically the best way to treat this area, so that the simple design is not lost in a too busy surface. It also represents the individualized attention, love and care we must give to each human being we encounter. No two people are the same - each must be given a different approach - but all must be treated with respect and love.

It is an honor to be able to be included in this collection of quilts. I am happy to be of service to Prevent Child Abuse New York as well.


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