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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

The holidays sure flew by, didn't they?

I've been noticing a lot of very subtle colorations in my drive to Guilderland each day. The fields are a most beautiful shade of golden tan, which seems to be overlain at times with a grey-blue where the trees are shadows across them. Since until this week we had no snow, the trees themselves were layers of grey and dark brown, all showing against those brilliant aqua skies of mid-winter.

The quilts are near completion, as is my grant. The work continues - stay tuned!

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Saturday, December 01, 2001

I've been quilting a little each night and have completed the quilting on the Apple Dapple quilt.

My next big move will be to make a LOT of bindings for all the quilted and ready-to-finish quilts. Coming along!

Bought some 11 X 17 paper to try printing multi-up sheets of photos. Should be cool if it works!

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Saturday, November 17, 2001

Quilt Exhibit at the Nassau Library
The Nassau Free Library,

November 17, 2001

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Everything is packed up and ready to bring to the Nassau Free Library for tomorrow's (ok, today's!) display. Big pile o' quilts, and all the stuff you need to hang them. Whew.

Where: Nassau Free Library, Rt 20, Nassau, NY
When: 17 November 2001 10-1 pm

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Thursday, November 15, 2001

The seasons quilt is really too large to photograph in my workspace, but here's a quick shot of it, quilting done, but in need of trimming up and binding.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Last night, I really felt like I was approaching the groove again. I printed out some of the photos that relate to my grant quilts to bring with me on Saturday. I started quilting (!!!!) the apple dapple quilt and was super pleased with how it looks. I'm using a new-to-me thread that was sent by an on-line friend Bonnie. It's a pastel varigated thread and goes from blue through yellow through pink through green. very nice. And nice to use.

I had made a physical note that I wanted to quilt small apple blossoms over the front of this quilt, perhaps with some leaves. I even remember checking what I remembered - that apple blossoms have five petals. So that's what I'm doing - blossoms of various sizes and leaves as well. I'm thinking while I am quilting that I may do a more orderly orange peel sort of quilting design over the last couple rows of squares as a sort of border to contain all these flowers. So far I've done a bobbin's worth of quilting and it's looking GREAT.

Remember if you're in town, come meet me at the Nassau Free Library 11/17/01 starting at 10 am.

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Monday, November 12, 2001

Tonight my mission was simple - make a back, layer and sew around the edges of the fern quilt.

OK, so there was one false start (could have SWORN the layers were stacked right! LOL) but now the back is on and I'm going to quick stitch up the back's opening so the quilting can proceed. Looks good despite the small glitch. Nothing resewing it couldn't fix. :-D

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I've posted a photo of half the seasons quilt, showing the quilting.

On that page, there's a larger file size image linked to the photo shown.

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Sunday, November 11, 2001

Wow. After much eking it out, inch by inch, square foot by square foot...... the quilting is done on the seasons quilt! whooo hoooOO!

Since I still had some get up and go in me, I bonded the fern to its background. Now that seems simple you say. You thought that was done, you say..... Not simple and not done because it frankly scared the bejeepers out of me to remove the paper stuff and actually take a hot iron to the fern, committing it to the background. But it's history now. One more on the way to being quilted. Whew.

Hey, if you're in the Nassau NY area this Saturday, stop by the library and see me and my quilts. 10 to ????? I'll have a variety of quilts on hand including all the grant quilts in whatever stage they're in. Questions? email me

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