New Quilt -- October 2000

It's been a very rainy summer and autumn here in southeastern Rensselaer County. At times I thought the rain would never stop and we would just end up floating downhill to some place new!

One day when I was driving along (in the rain) I noticed that although it was a very dark afternoon, the colors of the leaves were extremely bright against the rest of the brown woods and in particular the grey of the sky. This led to some rummaging through my solid color fabric stash and the start of this quilt

   This is the assortment of colors I pulled out to use
   Sticking the squares up on a felt wall. The larger view shows the total number of squares, but the ones at the left and right edges are compressed a little because they wouldn't fit on my wall.
My plan is to put small strips of fabric on two sides of each square. The vertical strip will be from the seven or so greys in the mix and the horizontal strips will be from the med/dark range of the colors.
   Adding the first bits of sashing made an amazing difference in the color. Just like the grey sky made those yellow leaves pop out.


Finally started putting on the horizontal strips -- 10/28/00



First Five Columns of blocks -- 11/1/00


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