iChat AV obviously -- for chatting via type, voice or video.

iVisit for cross-platform chatting Yahoo Messenger
Doesn't take advantage of the full frame rate of iSight but it is free and cross-platform

BTV Pro for video capture. Easy to set up and control. EvoCam for timed still frame capture. Great for webcam usage.

Go here to see images (my cat cam) uploaded by EvoCam to a .mac account via iDisk. Easy!

QuickTime Broadcaster for streaming to the web.

Great article on getting the most from your iSight as a video cam.
Making Movies with Apple iSight
More resources:

Ignore info about older low-res cams and stick with the good classroom ideas.
Ten Uses for a WebCam
Some ideas on using webcams as part of installations.
Artistic Uses of Webcam in the Internet

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