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Saturday, February 04, 2006  
Another rainy and howling wind sort of night. Mudslides down in Columbia County. Around here it's just worth keeping an eye on the kinderhook and hope that the power stays on.

Did I mention that Wednesday night, the power went out at some point? I came home from my guild meeting having noticed how very dark it was along the way. All my good planning paid off: flashlight in car, candles and oil lamps and matches at the ready. Of course the oven doesn't work without electricity but it's possible to light the top burners. So, a cuppa hot tea, a few candles, and a few cats and I was good to go.

The cats were amusing. One by one they kept coming to me. "Lady, there's something.... it's dark and cold! Lady!" I'd give them a nice skritch and remind them that THEY were the ones with the nice fur coats while me, the fur-less one was burrowed under the covers trying to read a bit.

So much for the electric blanket, eh? But hey, quilts, blankets, fingerless gloves, hat and shawl and I was quite comfy. The power came back around 2 AM and when I went down to turn off the stray light the thermometer told me that it was 46F inside. yeah. Not all that much colder than normal, but down there a few degrees make quite a bit of difference. But a few minutes later I was back in my nice warm bed.

Other than that the normal. Some pizza tonight, and some ciabatta tomorrow. I'm working on some postcards for Virginia's fundraiser in April. Gus is on mouse alert (we both saw a wee brown mousie!). All is well inside. Outside, it's dark, raining and howling.

Written at: 11:09:00 PM

Monday, January 30, 2006  

Well, I took it in my head to do a little more quilting. So I rummaged around, found a piece of fabric that looking back I think I was saving for a specific binding (oh well!), layered it up with a nice but inexpensively purchased batik and well, here's the result:

Or a little larger file size for a closer view: here

This is all quilted in a single thread color, that color being somewhere between kelly/grass and lime green. Looks pretty good I think. The whole thing is about 40 inches square.

Written at: 8:04:00 PM

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