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Tuesday, January 24, 2006  

Yup, another cartoon mentions that thing..... (thanks Mom)

Written at: 10:35:00 PM

Monday, January 23, 2006  

"Skies Above" done, I needed a little something simpler and quicker. So yesterday I headed over to my folks house for a little R&R and postcards. Brought my machine, brought my bag o'scraps, brought my little travel bag o'threads, brought my big bag o'stabilizers and wonderunder, brought my bag o'pre-cut batting bits and postcard backgrounds and backs...

Now my bag o'scraps, well, it's impressive. It's one of those new BIG bags, the XL size, not the biggest. Inside is one bag that remains apart. That's my bag o'reds and glitzes for making hearts. The other bag is the ziplock bag o'threads. That's all the ravellings from washing fabrics, some shredding of odd silks and other fabrics and some leftover thread from bobbins etc.

Quick like a bunny, there was one big mess o'scraps and stuff and machines all over the kitchen table. And not long after that - postcards. Soon, my mom had called Joan and despite the mess and all that glomming of fabric and threads followed by sewing everywhichway - Joan had made two postcards of her own!

I came home with five postcards including one little landscape that needs some help.

Tonight I decided I knew a new baby that needs a nice new little quilt so I rummaged until I found two cool fabrics and spent awhile tonight layering and pinning. Not your average whole cloth quilt but that's what's gonna happen! Just have to oil up the sewing machine and get it done.

What are you doing?

Written at: 11:44:00 PM

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