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Tuesday, January 10, 2006  

My job involves working with a lot of people who know varying amounts about computers. Sometimes they're just nervous, sometimes they're hostile. Sometimes they take direction pretty well, sometimes not so much.

So tonight, after I'd done my software updates, my Mom called. We were chatting and suddenly the little bell goes off in my head - parents, new DSL connection, software updates! OK, Mom, here's what I want you to try. Here's what's going to happen... she takes some notes. No phone calls afterwards so I was sort of wondering.

Awhile later, instant message and an email - we think we did it - took awhile. let us know what we updated!

I'm so proud!

And it's gotta be a pretty wonderful thing that updating your software, including your operating system is such a pretty straight-forward thing that it could be triggered by a short phone call, a few notes on a bit of paper and a little time. Good job, Apple! A little confidence goes a long way for sure but why should it be any harder than that?

And have I mentioned that my Mom is busy learning how to get all the cool stuff out of iPhoto while my Dad is preparing his genealogy research to be put up on the web so others can share it. Whoa. Makes a quasi-geeky daughter mighty proud. High-fiving ya Mom and Dad!

Written at: 10:56:00 PM

Monday, January 09, 2006  

Quilting done!

Yes done! And until I can set up my lights (and maybe finish the edges etc) here are some photos to give you an idea of the whole:

Obviously I am back to the same problem - quilt too big to take a photo of in my sewing room. Not enough backing up room. Oh and those small squares are about 1.5 inches finished size, just to give you an idea of size.

Finally: A happy customer rummaged in her pocket the other day and gave me two pieces of dove chocolate, one milk and one dark. Not one to turn away chocolate I accepted them. I opened the dark one today and found this message inside. Interesting.

Written at: 12:41:00 AM

Sunday, January 08, 2006  
Head down, pedal to the metal

Thanks to my readers who have been following along in this final push to finish my "Why is the Sky Blue?" challenge quilt. (Still waiting for a title to appear....) I got a week's reprieve to finish the quilting which I appreciate and I'm determined!

I'm not complaining either -- all the ruffl-i-ness -- going away. Inch by inch as the edges get quilted down. Flat. All good.

And in other news, I thought I was sort of stretching things doing all this quilting all over my "sky". Every day I'd look up at the clouds and well, the only thing that was feathery looking were the old contrails. Until yesterday, as I drove west in the late afternoon. Looked up to the northwest corner of the sky and there was a line of natural clouds with big loopy, well, feathers. Individual feathers. Big loopy ones. Bordering on sawtooth sort of things. Could I pull over and take a photo? Of course not, so you'll have to take my word for it.

And you'll have to just believe that I was bouncing up and down behind the wheel going - yes! yes! yes!

Written at: 8:13:00 PM

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