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Saturday, November 26, 2005  

Fruitcake lovers of the world - rest easy.

The fruitcakes are in the oven! This year, I went with a little bit different idea and decided not to add all the normal fruitcake mix sort of fruit. Instead, this year's cakes will include:

  • 60 oz raisins
  • 60 oz golden raisins
  • 30 oz currents
  • 12 oz citron and lemon peel
  • 9 oz chopped apricots
  • 16 oz dried red cherries*
  • 4 tb dried orange peel*
* these items were soaked well in brandy and the brandy that remained after the soaking was added to the batter. As luck would have it, it was just a little over the cup called for. Sure smelled good!

So now there's nothing to do but wait for the timer and hope it will be as good tasting. I haven't been disappointed yet. Better have a little dinner while I'm waiting.

Meanwhile, to add to the festive holiday feeling, there's about 3 inches of beautiful snow outside. It really came down for awhile this morning and everything looks nice and clean and wintery.

Written at: 4:54:00 PM


The answer to the meaning of life and all that jazz. (hint: it's not an mp3 player)

So where have I been - cowering in retail-land in part, digging through the sewing room in part, about to take up the yearly snow shovelling task. Had a nice thanksgiving dinner with my folks, my brother and his family and two grad students from RPI. Good time and food was had by all. Ruminating on a next quilt while pinning the current one for quilting. Last night I auditioned some colors of thread for quilting.

But most importantly, the answer to life's meaning at the moment has to do with fruitcake and making some bread. How can you have turkey sandwiches without some bread, I ask you? And what's the point of living at all if there's no fruitcake?

Written at: 1:21:00 PM

Sunday, November 20, 2005  

There's a word for that...

I can't remember what it is, but let's just say I sat through a ninety minute talk today and wrote down two things:

Open Directory Master


Link Aggregate Networking

The only thing you need to know is that is ALL I wrote down and I didn't know what those things were before they were spoken and I didn't know what they were after I wrote them down.

There's a name for that in educational theory lingo. I know more about that, even without coming up with the name for it, than I do about either of those two phrases. It boils down to making sure your students have a knowledge base upon which to put what you're about to teach them. Otherwise they write down two things of all you say with a big question mark after it.

That is all.

Written at: 8:03:00 PM

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