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Saturday, May 28, 2005  
One deadline down, one to go

Thursday night I decided enough was enough. The slides were good of my "I Remember Mama" quilt and I wasn't going to shoot anymore. When I looked up after doing all the entry stuff it had taken the whole evening:

  • Read through the rules again.
  • Look at the slides again.
  • Make labels for the slides and stick them on.
  • Cut a little twosome of slide holder and put the slides in it.
  • Look at the slides again.
  • Copy over the entry form. Read over the "artist statement" and edit it before copying.
  • Make a copy of that for me to keep.
  • Address the return envelope and the outer envelope.
  • Read over the entry instructions again: slides, form, check, photograph - ooops
  • Print off one of the digitals and trim it to size. Seem to remember that it's just for ID and book keeping so tried not to worry that it wasn't as good as the slides
  • Slides, photograph, form, check, self-addressed, stamped envelope
  • Put it all into a bubble-wrap sort of envelope and sealed it with packing tape so I wouldn't open it up and look at it anymore.
A whole evening. But done is done. Now it's up to someone else to decide whether it's good enough or right enough for that exhibit.


I like the quilt very much with all its words in the background. Beading. Me - I did beading. And best of all it doesn't look like a cheap Woolworth bracelet! LOL - it looks rather subtle like it belongs there. Regardless, I like the results, other people like it and even if it doesn't get into this show, it will be in others.

Did I mention the fluorescent color envelope I always use for the return envelope so I can spot it right away? Oy.

Written at: 10:37:00 AM

Monday, May 23, 2005  
Whew - our guild getaway weekend was this weekend and what a lot of work on many projects got done! Including my own deadline-ridden/driven projects. Got the one completed - my entry for I Remember Mama 2005 is now done. OK, it needs a label, but other than that. It is, as we say, photographable. The other project was quilting and I got a little more than two-thirds of the quilting done. A couple little bloops to fix but it's definitely a LOT further along than it was.

As with all quilting projects, the quilting really changes the piece and I'm glad to say that it was worth procrastinating about it some. I went with two different threads: one for the inner third and a variagated for the two edge thirds. This just reinforces the color arrangements I think and the varigated adds a bit of movement because of the color changes. All good.

Today - back to work on it all so I can be done done done.

Written at: 10:05:00 AM

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