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Saturday, October 02, 2004  
I love it when a great quote pops up in the box at right:
Day by day, nothing seems to change, but pretty soon, everything's different. -- Calvin and Hobbes

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Thursday, September 30, 2004  
Desk update

Just a note to say that my desk is starting to look like it belongs. The new lamp is excellent. The monkey lamp now has the company of the monkey bowl, which really classes up the place.

My replacement copy of Portraits 9/11/01 (The Collected Portraits of Grief from The New York Times) arrived and after looking through it I found that one of the desk cubbies is perfectly sized to hold it. I missed my original copy and debated getting a replacement and then debated whether to seek a first edition like I'd had or to get a more complete second edition. I went with the latter. As one friend, also seeking a copy, said, "The least we can do is remember their names."

Along those lines, a few weeks ago my quilt "911" returned from its travels with the America From the Heart exhibit. I opened the box and saw the carefully packaged quilt inside. There was a list of all the places it had been, copies of press materials regarding the exhibit, a label to put on the quilt noting its participation and travels. It was surprizingly hard to remove the quilt from the box. I pulled it out and peeked at an edge and put it back. Finally I pulled it out and unrolled it quickly, to get past that first shock of seeing this quilt again. I had only seen it twice since the middle of October 2001.

The colors and brightness really surprised me. The bright colors were really bright. The greyed right side was really strong. the center really expressed the change I felt. I looked it over quickly and had such waves of feelings that I just couldn't look at it for very long so I repackaged it and put it back in the box. I still can't quite decide what I was feeling; it was a whole mix.

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Hard work? How hard is it?

I told Barb tonight that I was going to watch the debate with a dull knife nearby - the better to take my mind off the pain of watching. Holy moly.

I realize that both of them are taking brief notes while their opponent is talking. Bush, though, was flipping his over and over with a slightly panicked look on his face. I would love to see that sheet of paper up close. Looked like a lot of crib notes with lots and lots of "must not forget this" things. Small sections, lots of notes. He keeps referring to the notes

Three quarters of the way through and I can say that only Kerry is able to string whole sentences together and deliver them in such a way that you can follow the entire thought start to finish.

One more thing: I think that every "extra" thirty seconds called for was brought on by Bush. At one point, he sputtered, he was acknowledged and given thirty seconds and then stared at the camera trying to figure out what to say.

I think I'm supposed to be impressed because he keeps telling me that "it's hard work."

I'm Mary Beth, and I not only approved this message, but I wrote it and posted it to my BLOG wirelessly from my sewing room. Take that!

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