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Saturday, June 19, 2004  
And in later breaking news....

Just finished the quilting on Red Sky Red Sky. It was looking iffy there for awhile as I hit the point where it seems that someone or thing is unquilting the quilt as fast as I'm quilting it. How else to explain the lack of progress? Could it be the amount of thread going into the thing? Perhaps. As I reached the last bit it seemed the bobbins ran out too quickly. eeeks! I stopped to fill another two after running totally out. Good old Mettler 500 in the bobbin. My all time favorite thread and color.

At this point I'd like to thank Glenn Gould and Carly Simon for getting me around that last corner and down the last side and to all the little people who made it possible.... I mean -- I have no idea what I mean. Here's a link to the unquilted top. It looks different now.

Guess tomorrow I'll have to pick out a final binding choice and get to work finishing it. whew.

Written at: 1:39:52 AM

Friday, June 18, 2004  
Great news!

The quilt that my mother and I made, now officially dubbed "Life's Memories" was accepted to be a part of the special "I Remember Mama" exhibit at the 2004 International Quilt Festival in Houston TX. I got an email this afternoon, actually addressed to Mom and my co-workers stood by while I called Mom and gave her the news. They gave a big round of applause!

Nice way to end the week. Way to go us!

More detailed view here.

Written at: 8:35:03 PM

Wednesday, June 16, 2004  
Tim Berners-Lee, WWW founder is recognized and rewarded -- how nice is that? And he's a nice guy who says
"Building the Web, I didn't do it all myself. The really exciting thing about it is that it was done by lots and lots of people, connected with this tremendous spirit"
In that spirit, I'll remind visitors that the interaction and community that is possible through the web is really what drew me to it back in 1995. I was making my first web pages about the time that the first web browsers were coming out. Amazing times.

So, when you see the "add your comments" link after this post - it means I hope you will participate in this site. Tell me you dropped by and what you thought about what you saw. Otherwise it's just the sound of the counter clicking as you come and go. Make a statement - be a part of the community that is the world wide web.

Written at: 12:53:12 PM

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