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Saturday, March 27, 2004  
Good things about travelling, not in chronological order:
  • travelling with friends and doing lots of chatting
  • good things to eat when the groups willing to try something out of their experience and is patient enough to wait on a busy friday night
  • having a trip organizer who does orienteering for fun and so is well-prepared AND not easily turned around
  • meeting friendly people wherever we went
  • seeing some inspirational and thought-provoking stuff and ok, more hawaiian shirts than you would have thought existed in the 40's and 50's
  • Spending a little more time in the kid's section of a museum because the things to do were SO much fun
  • clean soft sheets in a motel room that wasn't overheated
  • and who knew that a free continental breakfast might include make-your-own waffles in a waffle iron?
  • helping a stranger who knew nothing about making waffles get her waffle by convincing her that if she would leave it cook, it would indeed come out of the waffle iron and be a cooked waffle!
  • the front desk of the Fairfield Inn called a half hour or so after we checked in to see if we were happy with the room and to remind us that they were available 24 hours if we needed anything
  • there was no major road construction
  • we stopped at Wrights factory outlet in sturbridge and bought 30 packages of binding for $3. And some other stuff.
  • The last quilt shop we stopped at had 2000 bolts, all yummy and some exceptionally happy, helpful staff folks and the store used macs. What's not to like? Thanks Quilter's Way in Concord MA.
  • Thanks Janet for being the instigator/driver and Mom and Pat for making it a fun trip!

Written at: 10:22:45 PM

Wednesday, March 24, 2004  
Thanks to Designweenie for this:

Michael McDonough’s
Top Ten Things
They Never Taught Me
in Design School
Sigh. If only all of life were so easily Top Ten'd. I'd excerpt part of it, except that it's all so good. Go read it. And then read it again.

Written at: 2:58:34 PM

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