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Friday, March 12, 2004  
Just a quick little blizzard this morning to remind everyone that it's March and not May. Remember how, Mother Nature was saying, so many years there's a big blizzard in mid-March? It's not too late for that so don't be going on so about it being spring already! Blam. Parts of the route I ended up travelling this morning had 4-6" of snow on top of the nicely rutted roads. I took the "back way" to avoid the parking lot of cars and semis at the bottom of the first hill you need to go up and down. Couldn't tell if there was an accident or what but I got tired of watching the 4WD folks decide - hell, I can get up that -- pull out go up the oncoming lane of traffic in the face of down-coming semis. ick. I took the nice quiet newly-plowed route. Nope - not spring yet folks! Sorry robins.

Written at: 2:37:43 PM

Monday, March 08, 2004  

Why are Mom and I smiling? Look at the beautiful quilt behind us! Another view.

Written at: 9:13:20 PM

Sunday, March 07, 2004  
Moonscape or Mushroom, you decide
Small rock (diameter about 1") found alongside road
Old Chatham NY area.


We have our first knowledgable report in on what the mysterious rock is: fossilized coral! How cool is that? Thanks to Janet's sister Nancy for the quick answer. And who knew that I knew people who knew people who would know the answer to questions geological? Wow.


Another confirmation from a geologisht that it's fossilized coral. And also that it's quite likely to be from this area, from a time when we were all under ocean water. Very nice.

Written at: 3:15:30 PM

Driving in the late winter sun
the road bumps and bounces along
the hills and valleys, a bright stream
echoing the grey green water that
leaps up and out
and into view.
Trees and sun slash the shadowy woods
into ribbons,
the sky too bright to smile at
and cloudless.
When I get to the top, having swum upstream,
I shift and enjoy the coast downstream again
rollercoastering my way home.

Written at: 2:26:10 PM

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