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Saturday, August 23, 2003  
Popped up a quick shot of the last journal quilt. These have been very educational for me, although I think they won't be more than glossed over by viewers. Oh well. Guess one night I'll have to finish all the edges of the last few so they'll be ready to go to Houston.

Written at: 4:41:40 PM

Must have had some whopper of a storm yesterday afternoon. the last webcam image is just before three and it doesn't look dark and threatening, but it is the last. Big branch got moved into our driveway and our cable modem is apparently toast. Not clear if Ron's G4 tower is toast too. Meanwhile, I am on dial up. whooo hoo. At least it's 44-46K not the 200000 bytes of the cell phone. So yes, slower, but not horrific.

Last night, in celebration of my coming week, I did my September journal quilt page. I remembered that last year there wasn't a lot of time to do the sleeve etc so I thought I'd get that done.

It came out pretty good actually. As I thought it might be, it's reddish in color to end the string of black, grey and white. A few technical glitches. OK, more than a few, but all fixable and they don't bother me. And the organizer will be glad to hear that I learned several things from the experience and may use it to make another quilt with a similar technique. Photos at 11. Now - COFFEE.

Written at: 9:45:21 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2003  
I'm not sure which is scarier:
  • I spent tonight sorting my hand sewing/quilting needles
  • I had 27 card compartments full of different types/sizes of needles
  • I wondered if I should get more needles
  • I thought about getting spare thread color charts and cutting them up and putting them into slots
  • I am thinking about the next two quilts while doing all this, rather than starting to quilt the pink and green quilt.
  • I briefly considered getting a deal (travelocity for $352 or CheapTickets for about $300) which would fly me to Columbus Ohio, give me two nights at a holiday inn and put me within driving distance of Quilt National but still in need of a rental car. Briefly considered.

Written at: 6:27:36 PM

From an interview with Lance Arthur on
What are you doing with all your extra time now that you aren't getting spam?

"Writing more. Cooking my own meals. Petting the cat. Not a entendre, by the way. Real cat. Going outside. Reading. Planning world domination. Yodda yodda yodda."

Written at: 7:01:45 AM

Wednesday, August 20, 2003  
I have posted updates to my journal quilt page showing my August quiltlet. It's much cooler than photos would indicate, but it's hard to take photos of all white, small things.

Guess that's all for now.

Written at: 12:29:35 AM

Tuesday, August 19, 2003  
You knew it had to happen and you know you were waiting for it, so go check out Dougside's Blackout 2003 tshirt.

Years from now you can do what I did Thursday, stand there surrounded by way younger people and say things like "you won't remember the last big blackout, but we spent quality time with our Franklin stove." And they'll look at you like you're a loon and say things like "I wasn't born yet" back at ya.

So get the shirt and wear it proudly next time the lights go out.

Written at: 8:42:18 AM

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