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Thursday, June 26, 2003  
I almost forgot to mention that my friend Sue called from Vermont tonight to tell me that
  • it was unbearably hot
  • that they're working on getting a room for me
  • my quilt Repercussion won a blue ribbon! yeah me!
If it weren't so hot, I'd think about hauling my sewing machine up there, but I'm just going to go up and enjoy the quilts!

Written at: 11:49:00 PM

I forgot to post the link to the little video I'd made last night. It's not great quality but it's quite good considering how dark the room was at the time! I used the software to brighten it up.

remember my little request for sunny weather and the $10 upgrade to warm weather? What a mistake! It's 90 plus and humid as all get out. eeeks. Well no surprise, it's the Vermont Quilt Festival Weekend. They could hold VQF in January and it would melt the glaciers!

Written at: 10:34:21 PM

Wow - in the middle of the night Blogger changed. I'll have to explore this later, but I wanted to report in that iSight is the slickest thing since sliced bread. I even captured some video using BTV Pro software

Since, as it turns out, we're all geek-wannabees, we've spent the last two nights....uh....troubleshooting, nay doing market research, yeah that's it. We were doing research on how iChat and iSight work. Try it, you'll like it. ooops Mac required.

Written at: 9:11:04 AM

Monday, June 23, 2003  
Notes to self

Apple is the coolest company in the world to work for. I was so excited by the stuff announced today that I feel bad for all the WIN users that can't do stuff like video or audio conferencing so easily. We were playing with it tonight and it ruled. We chatted by text, voice and video and it was all good.

And that's fluff compared to some of the fabulous OS changes and of course, the much-awaited G5 systems. Whoa.

what else.... Oh yeah. Phone must be ON in order to sync it with iSync. Oh yeah. On. And what's not to like about software that let's you update your phone numbers and calendar stuff in a few moments? Automatically no less.

Sorry WIN users. Today is all about Apple.

And finally. Must.have.iSight.

Written at: 10:34:16 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2003  
Desperate Times and Fantasy Solutions

Oh hi. I'd like to place an order please.
Yes I called earlier in the week. No problem.
Yes that's for upstate New York State.
Ummmm hmmmm.
Right, this is a second order.
Can you send that fastest-possible-way?
OK, sure I understand. Lots of demand right now. uh huh.
Yes, I'm ordering one #3105B and one #7240B.
ummm hmmmm, yes 3-5 days of sun and two days of weekend sunny weather.
No I don't need warmer temps with that. Oh - only $10 as a special? Sure, go ahead.
Will you email me with confirmation?
I can't tell you what wonderful customer service you have.
I feel better just talking with you.

Written at: 1:13:18 PM

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