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Saturday, July 06, 2002  
Welcome folks visiting from Bob the Corgi's.

My quilt got linked over there for which I'm grateful for being momentarily famous! It's almost as exciting as the fact that said quilt got sold while hanging at the Vermont show.

Tonight I didn't have to work as late as expected, so I came home and managed to clean off my sewing table in preparation for quilting. Yes, the temperature broke last night. Felt good to wake up this morning with the cover tucked in around my chin and a few cats wandering around saying "lady - it's cold, don't you think? lady - would you like to snuggle with me? I'm warm and furry, remember?" Or something like that, LOL.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some serious sewing machine time this weekend! What are your plans?

Written at: 12:27:54 AM

Wednesday, July 03, 2002  
Part two of the Mossberg article on Switching to a Mac. Entirely appropriate since I'm sitting here sipping more Switchel due to the extreme heat.

It's bad folks. I want to be quilting and it ain't happening! All I've done recently is rescue my new fabric from the dryer.

Written at: 12:13:11 AM

Monday, July 01, 2002  

Here's a view of my quilt The View From Here, taken while hanging at the Vermont Quilt Festival. Lots of interest in it and nice things said about it by lots of people.
Detail shot here.

We had a wonderful time at the show. Mom and I enjoy the quality time together. The quilts were phenomenal, both the contest quilts and the special exhibits. If you get Quilters Newsletter Magazine, the recent articles by Nancy Halpern about the "Pioneers" was brought to life by an exhibit of 60 quilts by people who really were pioneers in the revival period of quilting. It was fabulous. Came home with a modest amount of fabric, 100 more small squares for my new quilt and lots of good memories.

Written at: 9:16:16 PM

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