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Friday, June 21, 2002  
Although there were some decidedly low points today, there were also some good points. One is when I found my iPod after coming home from work. I was pretty sure where it would be, but it was still a good thing to have it back in hand. :-)

Next -- got a pair of PURPLE Converse All*Stars sneakers. Couldn't decide if I wanted pink or purple. Finally asked for pink but they didn't have any, so it was clearly a sign that I need purple shoes. How cool is that?

Finally, got my left earring back in. Last night I knew that something had happened there - whether I slept weird on it or it got caught in hair or what -- it was definitely sore. I thought I'd change it out and put in a new pair. Oooops - couldn't get it back in. Today I wore one dangly on the side I could still use. So now I have my little diamonds in both those holes and I'll go back to square one with that one. Not sure why I'm having such a problem there getting it to heal.

Anyway, it's hot hot hot here today and I'm mightily glad it's friday. How 'bout you?

Written at: 8:34:35 PM

Last night I was pretty pooped. I did iron some of those little squares for the pink/green quilt. And I thought about the in-between squares, and wondered if I had enough different large scale mottle-ly greens to get any sort of gradation going there. Should it be all green? Same value darker pinks/greens? I'll probably end up trying both before deciding. About all I did decide was that putting a small circle into each of the "plain" squares would not be a good thing. What a relief, LOL!

Written at: 8:27:03 AM

Wednesday, June 19, 2002  
I worked late tonight but I could hardly wait to get home. I know I could have been doing OH so many other things, but tonight I just knew I would be working on my June journal quilt. Pretty much done. Perhaps a little more stitching, but we'll see. This is based on Yeats' "The Two Trees" which I was reminded of last night while listening to my iPod.

Written at: 2:59:48 AM

Sunday, June 16, 2002  
Ah - first post-show weekend. Friday night I put away a lot of the show stuff, some of it into nice new plastic containers. I really should own stock in rubbermaid, and I've said that for years. Maybe when I become a stock owner again and I stick with my plan to diversify?

Anyway, yesterday I managed to do some grocery shopping - chicken, stuff for spaghetti and meatballs. Renewed some things like my port supply and got some chambord. Also got some salsa to take to Vermont. I did bake the chicken yesterday but we ended up going out for Indian/pakistani food. Don't have to ask me twice! :-) I also decanted some quite old vodka in which I'd soaked red raspberries. I'd removed the berries quite literally years ago, but there was a small bit of sludge at the bottom. I poured out the top part as quickly and neatly as I could and then filtered the rest. Didn't lose much which is good because it's DARN good. Wow. Today I made the sauce and the meatballs. Mmmmm Ground up the fennel myself. Actually, I crushed it in my pestle. Whoooosh goes the fennel smell through my sinuses.

After a big storm front went by (I was up towards Stephentown when it hit, it's rather cool and sunshiny. A nice break from all the grey. That's it from this part of the world I guess. One big sensory experience.

Written at: 5:20:07 PM

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