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Saturday, June 01, 2002  
Bornfamous wanted to know how the radio show went -- FABulous!

the two hosts Susan and Joe had not only read the info they'd asked us to send, but they'd digested it and were really ready for us. Minutes before we were to go live, we went into the booth, showed them some quilts and then we were live! They had a nice intro and then it was just chatting with both of them. It went pretty fast. OK, at one point I did say something silly like "I know you can't see it out there, but my mother is flipping through the book of quilt photos." Susan especially did a good job describing what she was seeing.

They repeated the name and date of the show umpteen times which made us all really happy. And we left with cassette copies of the show! How cool is that?

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Thursday, May 30, 2002  
How to tell if you need a vacation
It's the little thoughts you find scurrying through your head that are the real tip off. The other night I'm driving home, thinking about some things that happened and I thought 'I don't want to go home. I don't want to go anywhere where people know me or where they want to talk with me. Could I drive to alaska? This is why people move and leave no forwarding address. It's the pressure of all this stuff that has to be done, words that have to be said, questions answered. Yes, moving somewhere else would be great. What name would I use?'

Despite all that I did go home. I have tons of stuff to do. Tomorrow I'll be joining my Mom as on air guests of WAMC. We'll do the 11:07 AM slot of Round Table about the quilt show. IAt least it's radio and it doesn't matter so much what you look like, but I think I better go to bed earlier so that I'll at least be rational.

I won't even go into my day today on the quilt show side of things. Let's just say they don't pay me enough.

Written at: 11:33:20 PM

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