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Friday, May 17, 2002  
Update on the birdies!

148 K

124 K

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I also wanted to mention two books. I received my complimentary copy of the book America: From The Heart This book documents 270 of the 277 quilts displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, November 2001. I couldn't read it all in one sitting, and I wanted to look at all the quilts. So I settled for looking at most of the quilts and randomly reading the statements each quilter displayed with the quilt. It was great to see what a wonderful job they'd done with photographing the quilts. I think mine looks great! And there were the others I knew. 125 of these quilts will be at NYQuilts! June 8-9, 2002.

The other book, which I picked up at Barnes and Noble tonight, was one I hoped would be published and said I would buy it was. While waiting for an answer about another book, I spotted it: Portraits 9/11/01 which is "The Collected 'Portraits of Grief' From The New York Times." Within the weighty tome are all the small biographies that the NYT printed during the period following September 11. It's a black and white book, as you would expect from a newspaper.

Written at: 9:17:02 PM

For Posterity's sake
You heard it here first

Dave R predicted today:

"On June 18, 2004, Steve Jobs will push a red button and the Clone Wars shall begin, thereby bringing an end to the OS Holy Wars."

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Monday, May 13, 2002  
quick go look at this before it goes away (thanks to BornFamous) RAGING HORMONES MENOPAUSAL PROZAC BARBIE I was glad I wasn't drinking coffee at the time this appeared on my laptop screen! GACK

Just the thing for a cold rainy day.

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Sunday, May 12, 2002  
It's raining! It's pouring! I went and bought some potatoes and meat to make goulash with the newly-arrived paprika. Not sure what else we'll do this week. I bought pasta so I'll put that away in its safe place. Slept a long time last night. Now I need more coffee it seems to get going.

Written at: 2:39:29 PM

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