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Saturday, April 27, 2002  
BBQ. Sauce made. Meat slow-cooking. Cole slaw mellowing. Mouth watering.

My recipes for this coming feast come from Sacramental Magic in a Small-Town Cafe by Br. Peter Reinhart. This book is circa 1994 and may not be easily found, but the recipes in it are worth keeping your eyes open for copies.

Written at: 6:53:45 PM

Definitely some "work" time today. In our arsenal of tools:

  • Appleworks, which I've used for years to do basic graphic design stuff,
  • Microsoft Office - new to me and my mac but have to admit is a powerful and well done addition. If only for the ease of sharing files with Windows users it would be good but it's nice to use.
  • Eudora - wonderful friend and companion for lo these many years on the net. The power of filters.
  • Coffee maker. Need I say more?

Written at: 9:51:34 AM

Friday, April 26, 2002  
by the by, I hope you all got to see the full moon tonight. Wow. When I left work about 7:15, there was a small but pretty sunset going on. I caught a few glimpses of it in my rear view mirror and all at once, as I brought my eyes forward again, BANG- there was this HUGE pale moon hanging just above the horizon. At first it was almost sky color. Then it colored slightly as the sunset went down to dark pink.

As I drove on homewards, the moon rose and fell as I went over the hills and around bends, rising higher each time it reappeared, growing a bit smaller. As I came into our small village, a narrow, solitary band of cloud made a cap for the moon. As I pulled into the driveway, only a shred of the moonglow appeared at the bottom of the cloud. I went inside too.

Written at: 10:29:33 PM

whoooohooooo. Had an excuse not to do the computer work I was supposed to, and so I finished making all the pink strips into pink squares. oooooooooh, the call of the sewing machine.

Written at: 10:24:55 PM

Thursday, April 25, 2002  
Yup - long day at work. Wondered why my schedule was 11-8 but knew it was correct. Arrived to find the inventory guy working out front and wondering why he was there.

Came home, found my landscape quilt (The view from here) was returned with a huge red ribbon, a program book, judge's comments and a suggestion that someone might want to buy it. That's cool.

Meanwhile, in avoidance of other work I should be doing - I'm still cutting strips into squares. Almost to the end - I'm about to start into the medium-dark pinks. Do keep in mind that all these two inch squares are just for the pieced part of the thing - after those are done, I still need the larger plain squares that go inbetween. ooooh yeah baby.

Sleep? Anytime now.

Written at: 11:22:29 PM

Wednesday, April 24, 2002  
This morning on the way to work - so much of that harsh yellow-green of tree buds against a perfect blue sky. Still some red buds here and there. That full full green that is new grass. I saw a group of deer and they were wearing their ragged winter coats. Must feel good to shed out all that stuff and wear the sleek red-brown summer coat again. What's not to like about Spring? And tonight - a bright moon looking down peacefully.

Last night I quilted the January journal quilt. Today I brought all four little quilts to work so I could show them at tonights NYQuilts! meeting. Very interesting seeming reactions to them. They're a little hard to explain... journal quilts? one each month? Why is this one January?March?April? February has hearts on it, so it's a little easier to identify with. And will you sew these together into one big quilt when they're done? Why are you doing this???

Written at: 10:53:04 PM

Tuesday, April 23, 2002  

Written at: 11:39:54 PM

What the heck is it all about? I'm sure not sure. OK, at times I'm sure I don't have a clue.

Tonight, I quilted the January journal quilt -- all 8.5 x 11 inches of it. Turned out quite ok, and I had fun playing with zig zaggy stitches. Hung all four of the completed little quilts up to look at. Hmmmm. Dark. Darker. Dark. GREEN/PINK. Next month is half way through this project. Dark. Darker. Dark.

I know from experience with fabric that the darkness makes the lighter fabrics, well, light. Lighter. Light against the dark woods. Moon against sky. Next month is May. Traditional beginning of spring or summer - May Day. Rebirth. Light against the dark. Building towards the longest day in June. Then to darkness again.

Written at: 11:10:59 PM

After such a wonderful rather strange upbeat kinda weekend, today was a big disappointment. Can't really go into it, but it was a let down, big and small. It was really grey and wet when I came out of work today and it totally matched my state of mind.

Came home, woke up the sleeping computer.... uh, hello - computer - wake up.... c'mon, time to wake up. Hmmm no sleep indicator. Nothing. It's warm but nothing. Had to hit the reset button for the first time ever. Woke up but icons missing in the dock etc. So I spent the rest of the night backing files up to CD (which I had planned to do on Saturday) and running Norton's blah blah blah.

Written at: 12:53:28 AM

Monday, April 22, 2002  
The only thing most people can agree on today is that it would be a good day to have stayed longer in bed. Not sure if it is the business of the weekend, or the greyness of the morning or the prospect of **huh** snow and sleet on the morning commute. Yup. Nothing like New England weather.

Mrs. Robin was on duty this morning with the eggs. she flew only as far as the hedge so those eggs will be toasty today. Good thing since it's winter coat weather!

Written at: 3:20:36 PM

First off welcome Wanderlust visitors! You picked a good weekend to peek in here - earthquakes, robins, quilts, lots of blog posts.

I did do some of the things on my to-do list this afternoon, and it felt good to do that AND it was tiring too. As a reward, I started changing the two inch wide strips as shown below into two inch squares. I probably got about half the greens cut. Not very exciting stuff. So while I was doing that, I thought about the April journal quilt. I had stuck some stuff up on it and while I took a break from cutting, I stitched the stuff down. It's done.

Written at: 12:06:40 AM

Sunday, April 21, 2002  

strips for the pink quilt

Written at: 3:29:14 PM


We are worried of course, about worrying the mother robin too much and forcing her off the nest. What an internal struggle that must be for any bird - sitting in one place too long, wondering if fate is about to come and carry you off -- versus - the overpowering pull of those mysterious small ovals. The internal clock that pulls you back from food to keep them warm enough...

Today -- a fourth egg!

Written at: 3:04:43 PM

Wow, what a day! First the earth moves. Then a robin surprise. Then dinner. Then my April Journal Quilt begins, using the trimmings from all that green and pink/red fabric. Phew.

All of my journal quilts -- go here

Written at: 12:03:39 AM

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