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Saturday, March 16, 2002  
From Bread, coffee, chocolate, yoga:
and how will you be celebrating american chocolate week?

don't worry, you still have time to prepare. the week runs from march 17-23. and it's a week worth celebrating on several levels. for the first time in years, chocolate prices have rebounded from deeply depressed to all new highs. at first it seemed like a short term fling, but the prices appear to be still climbing, mostly due to bad weather in africa and political problems in the ivory coast, where 40% of the world's cocoa orginates.
Yes - just another reason to eat more chocolate!

Written at: 6:14:41 PM

I'm supposed to be sleeping but my mind is awake. Darn.

The other day I mentioned to someone that on the night between the 11th and 12th, I found myself reading through all the emails surrounding 9-11-01. I read further than that, but mainly I was reading the emails from a couple groups that wrote extensively as the news broke and in the days following.

As I was reading I felt again much of the sadness. Some of this had been stirred up by the documentary 9-11 on TV this last week. But it's the 6th month anniversary of the attacks.

Anyway, the person I was speaking with listened about my late night readings and said - me too. Another person joined us and hearing what we were talking about said - me too. How interesting is that? Touching base with personal messages surrounding and part of our lives then.

Still trying to make sense of the whole thing.

I got out my 9 patch quilt top that I was working on, on the days leading up to 9-11 and finished on the night of 9-11 and looked at it tonight. When I showed it a week or so later, I gave its theme as "order from chaos" because of the coloration of the 9 patches. But a few weeks after that I knew the real name of it -- Summer Seen From September, 2001. I have been thinking about this quilt in the past week and I think I'm ready to quilt it.

Written at: 1:35:12 AM

Thursday, March 14, 2002  
Wow a whole week passed without Blogging. Didn't wish my brother a happy birthday on the 9th. Didn't do much of anything web-page related.

What have I been doing, you ask?

Last weekend, my guild, East Side Quilters, spent a few days making quilt tops and finishing quilts. Had a good time, listened to good music, hung out with cool people.

This week, I worked. yeah yeah yeah.

Got a couple new software things: Click'N Design 3D by Stomper. I'd gotten a similar software with a plastic "jig" for helping to reliably put the label on the cd. That software was for OS 9 or earlier and it frankly stunk out loud. This, which works in OS X, was great. Well worth twenty bucks if you want a quick and easy way to do CD's with curved lettering, photo backgrounds etc. Came with some cool clipart as well.

Then I got another cool software recommended by one of the guys at work. This is Live Slide Show by Totally Hip Software. Sort of a cross between iPhoto and iMovie with the better features of both. I made a long and slick slideshow of NYQuilts! photos and exported it as a QuickTime movie. How cool is that?

Finally - upgraded to Adobe GoLive 6. Haven't had a chance to play around with that yet, but it looks wonderful and I can tell you that it's about 100% faster loading and response-wise than GoLive 5 in Classic. One more thing for OS X.

Finished my quilt and it's ready to go to TN for the show there. Did a bunch of other stuff I'm sure..... Visited with my folks a few times. Uninstalled the time-gobbling but OH so wonderful game Black and White. Wrote lots of letters to important people. Even got in a few hours sleep. I admit to wanting a wonderful wonderful dinner and something like a martini or a fabulous bottle of red wine to go with it. OK A girl can have a fantasy, right?

Written at: 11:30:19 PM

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