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Saturday, February 23, 2002  
If you're looking for some new resume material, Evil Overlord might be a good option.

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some "cool" refrigerator-related quilts

some other cool quilts - Fine Focus 2002 50 quilts will rotate through this page, four at a time, so if you like what you see, be sure to bookmark the page!

On a different note: How to write a better weblog

And finally, in the category of best reporting from the SLC Olympics

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Friday, February 22, 2002  
TGIF! Another strange week becomes history.

I'm thinking of running off tomorrow and doing something fun by myself. Non-quilting, non-family, non-work, non-computer related. I'm thinking about it. Trying to decide that I will get stuff done Sunday if I declare tomorrow an official day off from life as I know it! How's that for mysterious?

Written at: 11:35:08 PM

I can't say I'm totally over my state of pique, but I've moved on. Tonight I dashed home from work in order to arrive in time to watch the women's figure skating finals. What's not to like about a 16 year old who not only skates her heart out but out jumps everyone else - there wasn't any question as to who had done more technically.

In between gasping at the screen and wondering how the heck you learn that sort of thing (ok, I'm gonna skate real fast, turn around a couple times, then jump REALLY high -- all the while spinning around three bloody times AND I'm gonna land so gracefully you'll think that it must be easy.) I actually got some binding sewn on. The first short side is done and about 2/3 or so of the top long side is done. It just goes on and on.

Written at: 12:16:05 AM

Wednesday, February 20, 2002  
All righty then. Since I posted a message to quiltart mailing list, about 170 people have come to this page, a number well above the normal 20-30 daily visitors. Of these, a single solitary person has commented by using the comment link. So I'm back to the "tree falling in the forest with no one around" conundrum. If I don't care what anyone thinks, why would I bother having a web page at all, let alone announcing it to large mailing lists? If you the viewer weren't at least intrigued by what might be here, why would you come?

I might as well spend my time sewing and not worry about any of this.

Written at: 6:10:43 PM

Tuesday, February 19, 2002  

Another closer photo of binding.

View of ironed portion of new quilt
Right-most portion of new quilt.

Written at: 1:06:31 AM

Monday, February 18, 2002  
Ah yes, as with most things we procrastinate about, the actual deed put off isn't anywhere near as hard, as demanding or as time-consuming as we try to make it out to be. Case in point? I've about got the binding onto the season's quilt (the machine attachment portion of the process) despite having had to pick out the fabrics, do the math, make the binding, figure out how to attach each separate color etc. yeah yeah yeah. Coulda woulda shoulda had it done weeks ago. Oh wait - I did have to make the sleeves for it too! Yeah that's why I put it off, LOL.

I know this at every turn - like Nike says - just do it. And what's more - do it now.

Written at: 6:43:03 PM

Sunday, February 17, 2002  
Chicken sorta-parm -- I think there's probably more cheese in this than what I did today, but this is probably better for you.

Make the sauce we discussed a week or so ago. While that's simmering, shake some boneless chicken breasts in plain bread crumbs to coat. Arrange in a shallow baking pan and sprinkle with a bit of salt, some oregano and parsley. Add some fines herbs if you like. Bake at about 350F for about 30 minutes.

I took three of these and arranged in a smaller pan and topped with some of the sauce and a generous but not silly amount of parmasan cheese. Return to oven and heat til sauce is bubbly and cheese melted.

Meanwhile, cook a package of pasta. By the time the pasta is done and drained the chicken should be ready too.

How's that for easy?

I'm feeling virtuous at the moment because boneless chicken was $1.79 a pound. I got a package of 9 breast pieces for 6.70. Needless to say, I now have lovely baked chicken for anything I want for the week!

Written at: 7:40:43 PM

While checking my referrer stats, I discovered this mention of this very site:
Following up on my referers I found this one, a quaint little site that only sent traffic to me as a result of a BlogSnob ad.
But then I saw it, top right, a little 'Fruitcake' button, which takes you to this site. Why is this interesting? Well, it's actually funny, in a silly 'small-world-no-life' kind of way only because of what my site was originally called. To which you respond "Oh, it going to be one of those nights is it?".
Now, how weird is that? Of course, we don't really know what his site was originally called, LOL.

What this really means, dear readers, is that it's probably time for a little site tweaking. I'm not sure I'm in favor of being a "quaint little site." Just kidding.

Written at: 12:15:39 PM

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