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Saturday, November 17, 2001  
Quilt Exhibit at the Nassau Library
The Nassau Free Library,

November 17, 2001

Written at: 8:15:21 PM

Everything is packed up and ready to bring to the Nassau Free Library for tomorrow's (ok, today's!) display. Big pile o' quilts, and all the stuff you need to hang them. Whew.

Where: Nassau Free Library, Rt 20, Nassau, NY
When: 17 November 2001 10-1 pm

Written at: 2:14:46 AM

Thursday, November 15, 2001  
The seasons quilt is really too large to photograph in my workspace, but here's a quick shot of it, quilting done, but in need of trimming up and binding.

Oh and here's a quick shot of Gus Just a quick shot because he's WAY too busy being a kitten to pose for silly photos. He's made a real friend in Deirdre and at last with Sam, so between those two and Mo' he has some good wrestling and tag playmates.

Written at: 3:38:22 PM

Wednesday, November 14, 2001  
Last night, I really felt like I was approaching the groove again. I printed out some of the photos that relate to my grant quilts to bring with me on Saturday. I started quilting (!!!!) the apple dapple quilt and was super pleased with how it looks. I'm using a new-to-me thread that was sent by an on-line friend Bonnie. It's a pastel varigated thread and goes from blue through yellow through pink through green. very nice. And nice to use.

I had made a physical note that I wanted to quilt small apple blossoms over the front of this quilt, perhaps with some leaves. I even remember checking what I remembered - that apple blossoms have five petals. So that's what I'm doing - blossoms of various sizes and leaves as well. I'm thinking while I am quilting that I may do a more orderly orange peel sort of quilting design over the last couple rows of squares as a sort of border to contain all these flowers. So far I've done a bobbin's worth of quilting and it's looking GREAT.

Remember if you're in town, come meet me at the Nassau Free Library 11/17/01 starting at 10 am.

Written at: 2:59:37 PM

Monday, November 12, 2001  
Had an email from my folks - they heard about the plane crash in Far Rockaway and said they'd keep an eye out for any travel delays and let me know. On a different family note - my brother Mike and his son Andy stopped by the Apple store today while out shopping. That was nice.

I'm still waiting, mp3's in hand, for my ipod. Of course, I have lots to keep me busy since I have a quilting day to prepare for. Saturday, Nassau Free Library - 10 AM to whenever. Be there or be square! I'll have all the grant quilts with me, in whatever stage they're in, as well as a bunch of other recent quilts.

Written at: 11:53:01 PM

Sunday, November 11, 2001  
Oh and one more thing - on a more somber note. From the NYTimes: Why Trade Center Towers Stood, Then Fell This seems to be based on a similar article in Scientific American. (free registration at NYTimes required)

Written at: 11:34:44 AM

doodling about this morning and found this cool site which lets you build printable word and number puzzles. This would be great for helping kids practice vocabulary and math skills. In a few minutes I built a nifty crossword puzzle using 11 words about the earth and mapping like: globe, equator, latitude, artic, antartica, greenwich etc. It was easy!

Written at: 11:31:43 AM

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