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Saturday, November 03, 2001  
Today was my parents' fiftieth (yes, as in 5-0) wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows and later in the day we had a family dinner party with my brother and his family and two aunts and two uncles. A good time was had by all.

As I said to my parents as we were saying our goodbyes - they've set quite a standard for us in many ways.

Congratulations and love to them both.

Written at: 10:03:43 PM

Friday, November 02, 2001  
OK, the last few days have basically been

all-kitten, all-the-time.

The difference each day is pretty amazing - he's doing more on his own, exploring etc.
Now if he would just let me sleep!

Written at: 11:55:10 PM

Thursday, November 01, 2001  
I'm pleased to say that our little kitten passed his blood tests with flying colors and has now been officially introduced to the rest of the herd. We always hold our breaths during the process - it's so hard not to get attached to little kittens. I don't know what we'd do if one turned up positive for FIV or feline leukemia.

as is always the case, all the folks at Nassau vets were just smitten with our little guy. I always feel better when the staff actually loves animals -- gotta be good vibes for the critters.

On the hernia front, we're on the schedule for Thursday for repair of the hernia. The vet said that if they're small, the plan is usually to wait and see if they correct themselves otherwise they'll fix them during spaying/neutering. This one is too large and would be too large a risk for strangulation etc so fixing sooner rather than later is recommended. Should be just a one day visit, but we always worry about the anesthesia. Heck, we just worry.

Here's a plea. PLEASE don't think that dropping your unwanted or no longer wanted animals in the country is a good solution. We love kittens, but it's a huge financial decision for us and one that we don't take lightly. Good homes are hard to find. Please do your best to find a home yourself. And for the record, cats aren't automatically able to fend for themselves in the wild, especially young kittens. In our neck of the woods, they often die by starvation, exposure to cold, foxes, coyotes, dogs or automobiles.

Do the right thing.

Written at: 7:13:13 PM

Wednesday, October 31, 2001  
The little visitor aka the kitten is doing well. Although we were worried about his very young age and his naval hernia, he is eating and drinking and all systems, shall we say, are working. Tomorrow we have a vets appointment with him. Last night I put him on the scale and weighed him and he turned up at one pound, nine ounces. that's DINKY. And when you consider that our other cats are in the 10-15 lb range - WOW.

He's particularly cute tonight - insists on sitting on my shoulder and snuggling up to my neck and ear. Unfortunately can't get much done that way. He's in the crate right now until I get some wash and quilting done.

Written at: 10:34:41 PM

Tuesday, October 30, 2001  
For all the times I've photographed this, I never knew how it worked: crepuscular rays Yes you DO know what they are!

What drew my attention to this site was the Astronomy pic of the day for today:

Written at: 6:41:36 PM

Monday, October 29, 2001  
As a welcome break for your brain - you might want to click the new link at left for Twink - Toy Piano Music . This music comes from some friends of mine at Tripod/Lycos and it just always puts a big smile on my face. I was looking at their site today and notice that they'll be having an album coming out in early 2002. Congrats to them and I'll be watching so I can get my copy! There's nothing wrong with interesting music that makes you feel good inside.

Sunday, October 28, 2001  
I don't think I posted this link before - it's a retired Sage professor's site showing his wonderful panoramic images of this area. I was lucky enough to meet him in the Apple store in Crossgates Mall.

Written at: 8:00:15 PM

Tis the season. On the way home from the store today, Ron and I were reminiscing about how Mo the cat came to live with us on the previous presidential election night. All the inside cats were running from window to window and we kept hearing a strange noise. Finally I opened the door expecting to find a possum or racoon. Nope - a wee black cat who wouldn't take no for an answer. Mo is one of the best natured, friendliest cats known to man.

After pulling up in front of the house, Ron popped the trunk so I could get out the groceries. Just then a little black kitten came dashing out from the corner of the house next door, through the grass and past me, close enough that all I had to do was reach down and snatch him. He's only about 7 weeks old. Cute little bugger. we're not 100 per cent sure of gender yet. he's black with white toes and chest and nose . White nose whiskers and one white eyebrow whisker. Sweet little thing. We're not really in the market for another cat, but what can you do?

These go up and out tomorrow:

Written at: 7:55:08 PM

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