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Friday, October 26, 2001  
Cool site: Virtual Union Square where there are lots of photos and other art work responding to 9/11/01 along with words to go with them.

Written at: 12:59:18 AM

After a long hard day at work, I met Ron at the Town of Colonie town hall for a ceremony honoring employees, volunteers and citizens who served in response teams at the World Trade Center. It was a short and sweet affair with a goodly turn out of folks from the rescue team that Ron is part of, as well as people in the EMS and fire departments in town. I took a few photos and posted them here.

I put in two photos of the group shot taken afterwards. I was standing off to one side while the "official" photographer was more in the center. When I got home I realized that there's one person who's just about out of view. The reason I put two of the same grouping is because I find that with group shots, there's a lot going on and it's interesting to see the different expressions etc.

Anyway, I was glad they had this ceremony and was glad to attend with Ron.

We decided not to hang out and hob nob, instead opting for mexican food. A nice evening after a sort of cranky day.

I forgot to post that yesterday just as I pulled into the crossgates mall parking lot the sun popped out and I looked up to see a full arc rainbow. I stayed outside as long as I could to admire it. Couldn't help notice all the too-young, mostly Old Navy employees, out having a "break" smoking like chimneys, backs to the rainbow and totally oblivious of either it or the nice bit of sunrise going on above them.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2001  
In case you've arrived here via, you're not lost. After a couple weeks of trying to point people to various parts of my site(s) I realized if I just pointed you all HERE, everything links to this page. From here you can get to my main gallery pages of quilts, my grant quilt project, the child abuse quilts, my september 11 quilt, Ron's WTC photos and even a lot of my favorite sites on the net. So start here and find everything you're looking for and maybe some cool sites on either side of the center. What's in the center is a "blog" which is a web journal - things about my quilting and photography and life in general. Welcome and enjoy!

Written at: 11:54:07 PM

Tuesday, October 23, 2001  
All right. Ron says I've come dangerously close to "drinking the kool-aid" over this new product from Apple. I think it's just a stunning design and idea. I'm not even into MP3 players, but it's still tempting and in oh so small a package.

If you have a pretty high connection speed, there are two video clips that are worth watching - here. Click one of the links under "See iPod in Action" there. The first is the new ad for the new iPod. The second is a combination of Apple people talking about the idea and execution and the rest are musicians talking about it.

All in all, I'm supportive. Apple's whole history is one of pushing the envelope and developing far-ahead, innovative technology and this seems right up there with that.

Other than that? Not much new here with me. Quilting in little bits and wishing I had more time. Will have to block out some time to do some web page work on the NYQ! site. Would like a more polished look to go with the new info. Guess my taste is changing a bit. Came up with a new button. Since the raffle quilt page was received with no problems, I might use the simple frame design to enclose the rest of the site as well. Still pondering.

Written at: 11:19:18 PM

Monday, October 22, 2001  
Here is a look at the quilting on the sky portion of the seasons quilt:

or you can go to the seasons quilt page and see the whole progress. There's a link to the quilting there as well.

Written at: 12:19:55 AM

Sunday, October 21, 2001  
Here are some links to quilts I've been looking at lately. These links were posted by members of the Quiltart mailing list. (photos down the page a ways)

Written at: 8:54:38 PM

Quiet and nice Sunday. Started off with the NYTimes ritual reading. Ron had warned me that the magazine was going to be grim, but it went way beyond that in oh so many ways. Doesn't give me much hope for the world when a grandmother fleeing Kabul into Pakistan would hold her infant grandson up to the Taliban and urge them to take the child rather than beating and possibly killing her grown son. Her comment was that her son was the only person who could work on behalf of the family. I guess I understand the survival thinking there but barely.

That's really only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see more, you can find it at the NYTimes site.

Then we visited with my parents for awhile. Mom is busy making christmas stockings for a guild project in December.

Came home and made gingersnaps, a double batch so I can share at work, especially with Kenn (OS Kenn as we call him) the Asst manager who is making my schedule more bearable - thank you very much. They came out pretty good, even that first sheet which always comes out a little darker than the rest. Did the dishes, cleaned the frig. Made coffee to go with the cookies! Very important.

Now I've been helping Ron with some photos he's working on for someone else. Meanwhile, I've been surfing a bit and found a cool blog

Written at: 8:45:02 PM

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