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Thursday, September 06, 2001  
Outer border of winter quilt

Here are a couple shots of the outer border on the winter quilt

Written at: 10:34:52 PM

whoooo hooooo! a little random link-following this morning led me to a new photo-blog - Such a pleasure to see some familar names and their latest work. So I've updated my own blog to link back to it. See the cool little link graphic on the left?

Because so many people are doing such cool things with GreyMatter web log software I added a link to that too. Maybe someday when I have less to do.... LOL

I have now completed the first round of sewing for about half the number of blocks I need for my nine-patch top. yikes. The good news - I found I probably cut almost exactly the number of strips I need for the whole thing! Interesting that perhaps I made an educated guess and it worked.

Written at: 4:38:50 PM

I've just scoured the kitchen floor, and I'm about to do the dishes (after lunch - why have left over dishes????) and that's it for cleaning, for the day. When I say scouring, that's what I mean - pail, brush, rag, hot water and spray bottle. I learned awhile ago from some other cleaning guru that floors can be cleaned better and sometimes faster that way than with a mop. I know that the floor is clean now because the water in the bucket stayed clean after the last go around with the sponge mop.

I'm mortified by how dirty the floor was. Maybe it's time to extend my clean sink to the floor?

One of the problems is that the floor looked dirty when it was new -- just an ugly design and color. Who decided that a yellow grey background with specks and a pitted surface would be a great floor covering design? But still.

I'm such a bad housekeeper.

I worked a little while on my nine patches last night. I think I'll take a break from grant quilts for day or so and see if I can move that quilt along a bit. I'd like to have something to show for the challenge, even if it's only the nine patches pinned to the black fabric.

It's interesting to have these piles of five inch strips and just pull three here and three there. I sew two together, sew two together and set the last two in a pile. After awhile, I pull my chain out of the machine, flip the pile of strips over and sew them onto the chain. Keeps them in the correct order.

Of course, I probably need to stop and iron seams and cut up the pieces sooner or later. Perhaps I should take up painting instead.

Written at: 12:40:32 PM

Wednesday, September 05, 2001  
Finished the quilting on the winter quilt. Was hoping to get that quilt and another trued up and ready for binding, but I guess it wasnt meant to be. Picked up chinese food for Sue and I and shared with Naomi. Pat came with a salad and we talked about what we would offer to donors/sponsors. Hammered that out. Will start with letter writing in a bit I guess. We have til October as a reasonable target of putting an ad in.

Then I worked a little on the NYQuilts! binding - did about 2-3 feet and one corner. big whoop. Talked to naomi about doing the next NYQ raffle quilt.

Mainly we sat around and chatted. Afterwards we tried to go out for ice cream but place was closed. Bummer!

Written at: 11:00:31 PM

That big white border on the winter quilt is DONE.

That's alotta thread.

Written at: 12:34:27 AM

Tuesday, September 04, 2001  
Lovely rain today. It is so dark and grey that lights on are a must. But we do need the rain, so turn on the lights.

Sent off some PR via electronic media on behalf of East Side Quilters.

Now I'm back to the border of the winter quilt. Lay FLAT darn you.

Written at: 1:15:08 PM

Besides some wonderful local peaches and some nice bananas, I wanted to say that I'm enjoying a wonderful new-to-me product: Stonyfield whole milk yogurt. I happened to luck into french vanilla. This is like a whole 'nother animal as they say. Where most yogurt in my experience is tart and custard like, this is smooth and non-tangy and more like a stirred custard. It's very rich tasting.

I bought it on my way home from the doc's office. As I read labels to see "what's in there?" I found nothing questionable in this and better yet, a cup delivers 45% of the RDA of calcium. What's not to like about that? I've been slicing up a peach or two, or a banana and a peach and spooning on a goodly amount of this. Wonderful. Almost sinful tasting. although I don't generally go out of my way to get organic products this one is definitely a keeper. The price differential is minimal and the pay off in taste and nutrition is GREAT.

Have some with your favorite fruit or granola or cake today!

Written at: 1:46:33 AM

Phew - finished tinkering with my blogger template and it's looking pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. Added a lot of links to the right - places I go or ones I recommend. at left - some other blogs, which I hope to add to in the future.


Written at: 12:11:18 AM

Monday, September 03, 2001  
Went shopping with Gail and now own two new items of clothing:

a lovely ball outfit - sleeveless top and full skirt of a red/black sheer, flocked fabric.

A pair of jeans.

These are the first jeans I've owned since around 1985, so it was an adventure. Interestingly, they were a size or two smaller than I expected. They cost a bit more than either of the ball outfit pieces.

Go figure.

Written at: 5:35:22 PM

I was reminded of the wonderful choices from the NPR top 100 the top 100 musical selections from the last century. Wide-ranging musically, with lots of good commentary by the composers, musicians and/or scholars. An interesting overview of recent music.

The one that sticks out in my memory was the one about Patsy Cline's rendition of "Crazy." She hated the song, didn't want to do it, was almost tricked into doing it by her producer, did one take and left in a huff. Truly one of the clasics!

Anyway, interesting browsing and educational too. :-)

Written at: 12:19:27 PM


The border is DONE.

Click on
Winter Quilt
for the
whole process

Written at: 12:35:17 AM

Sunday, September 02, 2001  
Bright breezy night after a cool still night.

After puttering around for awhile this morning, I decided that I just didn't feel like driving to Altamont by myself to be at the Scottish Games. Although I would have enjoyed the music, I would not like the reminder that I was there by myself. Shortly after making this decision Ron left for who knows where. I went for a walk and he still isn't back.

There are too many things I enjoy doing in my own company to have to deal with doing things by myself that I have enjoyed or enjoy more doing with others. and I don't need to travel that far to listen to music.

So that's it for now. I have totally run out of reasons not to finish the winter quilt's quilting, so I guess I'll make some coffee and get to work.

Written at: 2:41:36 PM

Yeah. I sewed 22 pairs of 3 strips together... For those not really into quilting enough to understand that, I sewed for instance: green/blue/green + blue/green/blue That's a pair. Each set of three strips will give me three units of that color combo. Swap the two sets in the pair and you get the units you need for a nine patch block:

Here's the units


which become:


Long story short: I made enough to make 44 of the 200 nine patch blocks I need.

Written at: 12:07:11 AM

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