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Friday, June 15, 2001  
oh one more thing. I had a wonderful email from a woman who had really had the week from hell, including a personal assault/robbery. She wrote to say that she had gotten an email that my grant site had been updated. A few days later she was able to check it out, and she said it gave her great peace and that she'd been going back there frequently since.

I felt terrible for her and her troubles, and thought it was just wonderful that she wrote to tell me that my art had meaning in her life. I'm glad it could help her.

Written at: 11:38:42 PM

Another busy day.

First off it's HOT, actually it's the ol' HHH Hot Humid Hazy. And don't go there with that "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" malarky.

The idea of going to an air conditioned place held great appeal, let's just say. So I went off to Walmart with the notion of getting a few things I need for tomorrow's dyeing class at East Side Quilters. I got sidetracked on the way and ended up at Staples.

I wandered around there for awhile and ended up with a pile of stuff for the fund-raising letter we're about to get out for NYQuilts!. Got some cool stuff. Totted it up when I got home and it comes out to about fifty cents a recipient without the postage. There will be more on this.

I did finally get to Walmarts for the dyeing stuff. Needed things like a respirator type mask. 9 X 13 disposable pan. rubber gloves. Ziplock bags etc. I picked up some bleach for discharging some fabric too.

Came home and sat down to work on the fundraising deal. This book I have Guerrilla Marketing for the Home-Based Business talks about thinking through the whole package - what the person is going to experience from the time your envelope arrives.

I was trying to figure out ways to show non-quilters and non-quilt-show-goers what a quilt show is like. Indeed, what is contemporary quilting like. Figured I would through in some of the postcards that we have of raffle quilts. But then FLASH (that was the lightbulb flickering!) I realized - put it on a CD.

So I have processed 80-90 photos from the last two years of NYQ! to put into web page format. Then I can do the same for the letter etc. Then it will all get burned onto CD's. whoooo hoooo!

Written at: 11:35:13 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2001  
Wow - what a busy day. First off, I wondered what the heck was up with Bill the Cat, since he seemed to follow me everywhere and yeowl purposefully. I assured him that it was NOT time to eat again. Over and over again.

Finally he followed me upstairs and jumped up on the bed. We had a good wrassling match and finally I have him a wadded up sock to kick the bejeepers out of. That was fun, and apparently that's what he wanted all along. Guess sometimes only a good wrassle will do! ^..^

Mainly though, I worked to get back with the program in terms of house keeping. Remember I took the baby steps thing very seriously. I have managed to keep my sink clean and shiney for a whole week. That means I did the dishes as they were created and did not leave anything laying around. This had some nice side benefits since it also meant the sink was open for food preparation. It also meant that each dish wshing was smaller - few things hanging around. The whole thing was easier!

Today I thought about the newspaper guy that wants to come interview me about the grant. Surely that is motivation enough to clear out the downstairs? At least the living room?

So I decluttered the computer desk, the phone table/area, the coffee table. Not better homes and gardens but MUCH better. Didn't vacuum, just decluttered.

Then I headed upstairs to tackle the bathroom floor. First off, I discover that Mr. Ron has left a couple inches of water in the bathtub. Because the pipe is clogged, you ask? No way. Merely needs to have the gunk cleared from the drain, silly. ick.

But in anycase, now the floor and rugs are clean, and the bathtub is more clean. And I'm clean too because my deodorant gave up about half way through the floor. Man is it hot today!

And on that squeeky clean note - I'm off to the sewing room.

Written at: 7:15:52 PM

Tuesday, June 12, 2001  
Later start today, but once I got moving things went along.

I did a couple test blocks for the landscape quilt to see if I wanted to strip piece the background area rather than raw-edge-applique it. Think that will look good.

While I was pondering this, I decided to start machine quilting a little quilt that Mom made. Nice little single irish chain with muslin and doreen speckmann fabrics. The back are all little hunks of muslin that folks had used on the backs of their quilts (to cover their labels) at NYQ! Guess mom ended up with them after the show.

Pretty funny, but seems like a good use for them!

This quilt isn't all that big (about 60" square) but it's surprising how long it takes. I'm about half done with the center portion. A couple more passes with the design through the pieced area and I'll get to do a more continuous line design through the open areas.

Ron cut a couple branches off the poplar tree next to the house - it was reaching out to tap on the window!

Written at: 11:30:42 PM

Monday, June 11, 2001  
whooo hooo! what a day. First off had a lovely phone conversation with NYS Tax & Finance. Actually wasn't bad, but let's see if the solution will be as easy as it sounds.

Then bits of cleaning interspersed with bits of quilting. The quilting is going really well. Go here for updates.

Getting excited about going to Vermont but have a lot of things to do before that. Have to figure out how to pack up my quilt to send it there among other things. eeks.

I got up really early this morning because I felt I should witness McVeigh's execution in my the only way I could - listen for the announcement on the radio. So that's what I did. It was very odd really. First off, because I was AWAKE when Ron left around 5:20 AM and the birds were really really loud. I laid there snoozing and scritching cats until the alarm went off and then it wasn't too long before it was done. I am really puzzling over my feelings about this. I read a bit on Sr. PreJean's web site (of "Dead Man Walking" fame)

She said:

Remember that, since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 we have now executed close to 700 human beings in this country - men, women, juveniles. Separation and distance from a deed makes anything possible. I'm all for people being able to see it with their own eyes when the government kills one of our citizens. We can get to the truth quicker that way. And so, when I'm asked if I think the McVeigh execution ought to be seen on television, I say yes, and not only McVeigh's killing but every government killing. Of course, both state and federal government are very reluctant to show executions. They like to keep the sight of their deed away from the eyes of the ordinary people of this country. Plus, they don't want other countries of the world to see these executions. Imagine U.S. executions being seen in Europe or Russia where a moratorium is in place or Japan or Latin America. How then could our leaders dare to claim that we place high value on human rights?

Finally, on an equally somber note: the NYTimes magazine had a hit-you-between-the-eyes short piece this weekend. Drawings and words by kids across the country collected by Sesame Workshop. They apparently asked all sorts of questions and gave kids the chance to draw and write their answers. The NYTimes used 6 drawings about what kids fear.

You can see them for yourself at: by clicking on the "Children's Fears Are All Too Real" link or at

You need to be registered to get in, but it's free.

Then tell me what we can do about this.

Written at: 10:31:21 PM

Busy day today (Sunday) - although it started rather late because I lost track of time while working on this quilt and well it was 3 AM when I realized what time it was.

Headed out after fortifying myself with coffee. Got the new cutting mat. Got a new plumber's helper (plunger) so I could fix the slow kitchen sink. Plunged and fixed. Must have been in shock from being clean for a whole week! really really really clean!

Did some heavy duty cleaning in the bathroom, but didn't get to the floor yet. Had bought a gallon of vinegar and that works great on mineral build up and other weird problems.

Mostly though I worked on the winter panel of the quilt and started the last, summer panel. Got to use some of the sheers that I bought in NYC. It's actually easier to rip them than it is to cut them, but you have to rip confidently.

All this ripping up of fabric is no doubt contributing to my mellow frame of mind. I find ripping fabric into strips to be very relaxing.

Last night I sent a request for help to the company that makes SmartMedia cards. In the last couple weeks I've had TWO cards go kaflooey for no particular reason. I'm down to a single 8 MB card which doesn't go too far. I'm hoping that they'll be able to tell me how to reformat the cards properly. geesh.

Night all - I'm giving up a little early tonight to make up for last night.

Written at: 12:19:37 AM

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