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Saturday, May 26, 2001  
Spent the week poking around - puttering through the boxes of NYQuilts! stuff that I store. it was wonderful this year that things were in the box as indicated on the outside of the box - all I had to do was peek inside and verify that nothing needed replacing. Stayed up one night and came up with a new quilt design

Since I'd gotten my mid-term installment of grant money, I decided that a trip to the local quilt store was in order. A little stash building. Came home with about 9 yards of fabric, all beige-y and in half yard pieces. Went to kinko's in that same trip and enlarged my drawing so I'm good to go as soon as I decide whether to turn-edge applique, strip piece etc.

Pat has asked me to be a "special guest" at the last class of her beginning quilting course next week. That should be fun. And I'm really looking forward to Vermont this year as well. Better find my paperwork - that quilt needs to get shipped soon.

Til later!

Written at: 5:07:32 PM

Monday, May 21, 2001  
So after getting in last night from the show at 11:30, I rolled outta bed this morning and off to work I went. Things seemed a little funky. The assistant, "Class of 96" came to tell me that my boss wanted to meet with me at 2. She added, almost as an afterthought that the HR director would be there too.

Hmmmm - did they want to discuss new web pages or did this sound grim? Martha gave me a one word answer to my cheery "so are you all packed for your trip to Italy?" Part of me wanted to believe it was just another poorly defined meeting. Part of me started putting small items into my totebag.

So anyway, I've become one of those people that comes to work one day and then goes away - just disappears. No big scene, no tumultous troubles. No reason really. Just gone. "Mutually un-beneficial." No comments over the past month or so that my work was unsatisfactory. No "don't do that" or "do that" or "do that NOW" or "do it THIS way" etc. Nothing. No reprimands, no warnings. Just gone.

Although I was a little teary, I was majorly relieved. Working for more than a month without a plan of what to do short and long term is HARD. You (at least I do) want to work hard and do good work to show that I can be valuable to the group. I want to be part of a team and make a contribution. The people that I did small things for seemed very pleased. I felt like they were glad someone did their small but important to them job quickly and well.

So on to the next, but I keep thinking about the people I knew in my last job who just "disappeared" one day and how very strange that was. Now I am one of them!

Written at: 9:58:21 PM

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