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Tuesday, March 06, 2001  
Really pushed on getting the bar quilt done AND rummaged around in the stash until I found a couple of things that would work for the backing. Well. I'm not sure anyone will ever be able to sleep under this quilt. Be sure to check out the "ugly" backing. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming -- aka - the winter quilt.

Good thing too since we're having, all together now, the "blizzard of 2001." What a fizzle so far. All these schools and businesses closed down for a big few inches of snow. we were predicted to get 24 plus inches. It went further north and they got a foot so far. Just avalanched off the roof and sounded like 24 inches though. Guess I'll be shovelling out my car tomorrow.

I sent out about 6 resumes today.

Written at: 12:25:45 AM

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