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Comments by: YACCS

100 Things About Me
  1. I'm a quilter
  2. I take photographs
  3. I lived for about a year in NYC
  4. I love fresh sweet corn in the summer
  5. I am a night owl.
  6. I can get a lot done in a short amount of time
  7. House cleaning isn't high on my list of priorities in life.
  8. I love cats
  9. Sometimes I hate cats and all they stand for.
  10. I worked at a job for 20 years once.
  11. I enjoy working with machines as part of my job.
  12. I am a mac person.
  13. I occasionally point out to people that they could put their shopping carts back in the correct place.
  14. I have worked in a few places where I'm the oldest person.
  15. I have a more interesting life than many people I know.
  16. I like my parents a lot.
  17. I converted to Judaism while in college.
  18. I drive a Saturn and like it very much.
  19. I am good at making messes and slow to clean them up.
  20. I like to bake bread.
  21. Chocolate is on my list of priorities, especially good dark chocolate.
  22. I am not a big drinker but I enjoy an occasional glass of something.
  23. I like Guiness and a good martini. Not together.
  24. I like to show people my art work and see what they think of it.
  25. I have a LOT of fabric. A lot.
  26. Ditto on thread, but not as much as my fabric stash.
  27. I try to meet unreasonable-ness with rational words but I'm learning to walk away sometimes.
  28. I try to empower people to help themselves, to figure things out themselves.
  29. One of my biggest resources is the phone book. That pre-dates the internet.
  30. I was on the net just before browsers and had web pages before most of my friends knew what the internet was.
  31. I'm an early adopter most of the time, but I don't rush into things just to be first.
  32. I tend to have long relationships with people.
  33. My house is about 100 years old.
  34. I like to drive.
  35. I like to try new routes if I have time.
  36. Hot flashes - been there. Done that.
  37. I am a sucker for kittens.
  38. I used to have canaries before we had cats.
  39. I often wish I was closer with my family.
  40. I think it's important to listen to people and to respond appropriately to what they say.
  41. I appreciate being listened to.
  43. I am not a clothes horse, nor a slave to fashion.
  44. I don't wear a lot of make up. OK, I wear little make up. Very little.
  45. I have long hair which I generally have braided.
  46. I can french braid my own hair.
  47. I have a wide interest in music.
  48. I like to dance
  49. The dancing I enjoy most dates from 18th century England.
  50. Bring me breakfast in bed and I'm yours forever.
  51. I have a degree in Wildlife Biology.
  52. I can't watch scary movies where things jump out at you.
  53. As an adult, I've gone to dance camp for a week in the summer.
  54. I've experienced tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, minor floods and one morning that was minus 35 F.
  55. I own a red wool shaker-style cloak.
  56. I love love love Amish quilts.
  57. I don't need much sleep most of the time.
  58. I have a sleep surrogate who takes care of my sleeping when I have other things to do.
  59. I am usually prepared for long black outs.
  60. I am really good at making soup and soupy concoctions.
  61. One of my sole traditions is cleaning out my spice cabinet once a year at New Year's.
  62. My car is very messy and I don't generally care.
  63. I don't travel light. I tend to take things with me even if I don't use them.
  64. I don't travel far very often.
  65. I slept one night in O'Hare airport due to thunderstorms.
  66. I enjoy teaching.
  67. I don't like people with a needy or entitled attitude.
  68. I don't much care who you know or who you took a class with.
  69. I shook hands with Jimmy Carter when he was running for president.
  70. I get my name in the paper from time to time.
  71. I wear a watch all the time. 24/7. I prefer a non-elastic watchband and digital watch.
  72. I wear glasses and can't see the alarm clock clearly from bed.
  73. I am a good driver.
  74. I've driven big ambulances and an occasional big moving truck.
  75. I like to garden but don't have time for it right now.
  76. I used to know all the scientific names of the plants in my gardens.
  77. I enjoy people who have a good sense of humor.
  78. I dream of living a simpler life.
  79. I realize that living a simple life is not simple.
  80. I have some jewelry from my childhood.
  81. I have jewelry that I've bought myself over the years.
  82. I'd be really excited if someone else gave me jewelry ( I have a few such things)
  83. I got a second ear piercing this spring and no one noticed on their own.
  84. I've been accused of being geeky, but I describe myself as a computer "user"
  85. I never was athletic and realized late in life it's because I have very very flat feet.
  86. Orthotics changed my life. (but I still don't do sports)
  87. I studied ballet as a girl
  88. I wear comfortable shoes in all circumstances.
  89. I own several pairs of flat, black lace up shoes.
  90. I own a couple different black outfits
  91. I like to wear dresses and jumpers.
  92. I will think twice about taking a job that requires me to buy new clothes.
  93. I once used the "diva" approach to get through a short-lived, really terrible job.
  94. I like to read poetry and enjoy reading in general.
  95. I am not a morning person but always enjoy the sunrise when I meet it.
  96. I am drawn to things of high contrast.
  97. I sometimes wish I could study art more formally.
  98. I work hard at my quilting and enjoy my work and my progress.
  99. Sometimes mid-project I begin to fear I'll die before finishing what I'm doing.
  100. I find it hard to stop looking at my work in progress and go to bed.

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