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Wednesday, October 10, 2001

I've posted some recent photos - click the image below or the October link at left.

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Monday, October 08, 2001

Had some good responses about my two quilts at the Berkshire Show this past weekend.

It's about a year ago that I started thinking about doing quilts based on local views and what you can see in your own backyard. last october it rained for about three weeks running. And that launched my first October quilt.

When I was awarded this grant, from the Arts Center of the Capital Region, I worried briefly that I would have a hard time producing the number of quilts I had said I would. Instead now, about a year later, I find that my head is PACKED with ideas for future quilts and types of quilts I'd like to make. Further, I find that I am very happy making quilts from simple squares, and people seem to react to them which is always nice too. I've also pushed out in some new directions - using raw edge applique to do some pictorial pieces and specifically using it in conjunction with piecing.

Although I was unemployed (as in not drawing a pay check on someone else's bank account) for about 14 months or so, it was a great period for me personally as an artist in that I was able to work each and every day most days. Somedays I would gather info via digital images. Somedays I would be designing. Most days I would actually quilt - either sewing or doing the actual quilting. Now I know that this is a great thing to do. Extremely exciting and very rewarding personally as an artist.

I'm now beginning to think about the display of these quilts, even as I finish them. We have a color printer and I'm able to print out the digital images I took in a more than acceptable way. I'll need to plan out the images I want, how to mount them etc.

Whew. No pictures tonight but a lot of thinking from a very tired (new paying job) person.

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