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Saturday, September 15, 2001

I've started quilting the first October quilt. I remember when I saw the image that started this whole journey and this quilt. A dark hillside in a grey rainy october afternoon. Pouring rain, drops on the window. Dark sky, dark hill, flashes of color.
I've wound five bobbins to start, have just started bobbin number 2.....
See the whole process here

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Thursday, September 13, 2001

I trimmed up the small quilt "Ablaze" (aka, the second October quilt) and made the hanging sleeves for it and applied the binding. I have the binding ready to go for the winter quilt.

It's started to rain here, which we desperately need, and I can hear planes flying overhead in the rainy skies.

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Order from Chaos

view of about half the quilt this is draped over another quilt - there's not much space to hang quilts at the moment.

I also made the binding for the winter quilt and Ablaze. About 16 yards worth, total.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I'm making the binding for two quilts while listening/watching to reports on yesterday's sad news. Last evening as I drove down from the adirondacks, the northway was eerily quiet for a long ways (didn't see a car until near Lake George!) and the sky was notable for the lack of contrails. As I neared Albany, the huge new over-highway sign declared that the Albany Airport was closed and all flights cancelled. By then it was dark and the bright yellow letters were shocking against the night.

This morning - it's clear here, few clouds, still no commercial planes, although a few large planes presumably military have been going over since around 3:30 AM.

I spent the day yesterday with family and friends and their family and as we travelled around the lake where my parents live each summer, I think each of us wondered at the beauty and wondered - does it look different now, a few hours after the world changed? Can terrorism change our view of the world? I believe it should instead change how we act towards others. We are all people who live in the same world. We all have families and friends and we should all be enjoying them and the nearest horizon and sky without worry or anger. These are the treasures we can hold in our hearts.

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