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Saturday, August 25, 2001

I knew I had more photos! Go to the August link at left to find photos from August 22. these are variations on a theme - all of one field in Schodack NY. As I drive by, I love to watch the process going on there. In the spring the fields are brilliant green - I think they grow timothy in some areas. In June, haying begins and the landscape becomes very textured and varied. Many times I go by and there are deer enjoying the offerings as well.

Right now, the hillside is a combination of greens, browns, a single patch of green that is almost too brilliant at some times, and a hedgerow of goldenrod and loosestrife that were just made to set off the whole thing. The photos don't begin to capture the density of the colors there but they'll be good reminders in more grey days ahead.

And to the folks down near Schoolhouse Rd and Rt 20 - Thanks for one of the best views in Rensselaer County.

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Had to go to the post office today, and it was closed until 2 pm, which gave me a great excuse to hang out in East Nassau and take photos for awhile. Click here for a new screen or click the August link at left.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

threads and doodads box o'threads

Thread seems to be multiplying in my space, along with doodads.

You use a lot of thread when you're quilting. 20 August Progress on the Winter Quilt

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Sunday, August 19, 2001

Center done - starting the trees. Click here if you just need the update.

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I'm into the last section of the center of the winter quilt. I am giving up for the night, so I hung it up - literally - and sat down to finish my iced tea and look at it. I like it!

It feels so different quilted. It will be nice to get the tree trunks quilted down - the difference in the quilted and non-quilted areas make the quilt lay funny. That will be corrected once the trees are quilted as much as the snow.

I have a notion on HOW to quilt the border in terms of moving from one area to the next but only the vaguest idea of how to quilt it in terms of design. I have one idea but I am not thrilled with it. We'll see.

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