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Saturday, August 04, 2001

Let the quilting begin!

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Thursday, August 02, 2001

Yesterday was our guild's "Quilt Til You Wilt" day - our annual all-day get together to work on our own projects. I got all five tops pin basted and ready to quilt. I finally got things put away and my machine set up again (it's only about 95 going on 120F here today) and sat down to try out some threads and settings.

All in all a productive day yesterday, not so much today, although every bit helps.

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Monday, July 30, 2001

I am currently working on backings. My major accomplishment today was probably grocery shopping. I bought good things to eat. Even bought some gladiolas on the way home at a local farm stand. Which brings me to the "shots of the day." They're not really about local views, but more like the view in my kitchen today. But I am quite pleased with them so I posted them at photographica. Sometimes the view is all about seeing what you're looking at.

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Sunday, July 29, 2001

I finished the last border on the October 2 quilt top tonight. Math is our friend when it comes to doing mitered corners. I just had to take this group shot of the four tops closest to the surface. In addition to these four, there is the winter quilt and the seasons quilt. I hope to get these pin basted and ready for quilting on Wednesday.

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There are new photos from my walk today. Click the July photos link and you'll see the 29 July link. Still having problems with certain images loading - will consult with Tripod tomorrow to find cause. Or go here

Also, I finished trimming the fern. Now it looks like something!

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I've been so busy sewing and trying to get ready for my all day quilt-til-you-wilt day with my guild that I've fallen a little behind posting photos and pages. Our guild day is this Wednesday and I'm planning on layering and pin basting as many quilts as I can so I can start machine quilting them.

And today, I started a new small quilt based on a fern photo I took in the fall:

I've just updated the links to quilts in progress at left to make it easier to find each one. I also have organized photos taken in July and linked them under photos. I had some problems getting some to load, although everything looks ok. Might be a problem on Tripod's end so will check tomorrow.

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