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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

OK - all the horizontal seams are done. They used to be horizontal anyway. When I was pinning the completed top to the wall again, I think I might like it better vertically. What do you think?

Posted at 5:25 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Second in a string of really hot days. I was noticing while out and around today how very blue and grey the distant hills were. And then I noticed how the trees seem to have moved past the real green color - that rich color after the yellow-green of spring - to a grey green as well. Maybe just more blue.

I also noticed how many leaves were starting to fall - probably a combo of heat and dryness.

Hot and humid for sure and more to come. I have half the horizontal seams sewn in the piece posted below. Then I have to commit to sewing backs together for next week.

Posted at 11:08 PM

another hot day here. I have some photos to post of southern Stephentown, but while you're waiting for those:

Posted at 1:38 AM

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