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Thursday, July 19, 2001

I was experimenting a bit today with fusing fabric (with help from the Chicago School of Fusing) - and it worked pretty well. Not all of this little piece (7 X 7") is done with fusing, in fact only a small portion of it is, but that's ok. I did it and I'm proud!

The fusing experiment is actually in preparation for another sort of piece altogether, so stay tuned.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Oh, I unsewed and replaced the one square in the 25 patch block that really stood out to me. One patch of one block, a dark brown. Really stood out. Replaced it with a grey and it won't stick out any more.

Unstitching can be a good thing.

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I have spent the last few days quilting the "hairdo lady" aka "Colored My Hair!" and now I'm sewing on the binding. Since she's moving right along, I'll enter her in an upcoming show.

On "the view" front, I removed the piece which was an incorrect color in the seasons quilt and replaced it with a mre appropriate green. Phew - what a relief. Just an error, and thankfully easy to fix. I pressed the whole thing.

I also have repinned up the 25 patch blocks, this time on a just slightly mottled olive green/brown fabric. I like it. I liked it on the solid green too. Before I make up my mind completely I'm going to try a few other colors. If I use the olive color I'll probably use a blue or red-orange for the small border stripe It will need something with a little zing to it.

Oh and a final update, I found the brown fabric I needed to add the final bit of tree trunk to the bottom border of the winter trees quilt. Found it, ripped off a strip, unstitched the border (which I'd basted in) and sewed it back together with the brown fabric in place.

Now these quilts are ready to layer and quilt. That means I need to make backings first though.

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