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Saturday, July 14, 2001

I apparently needed a little break after doing the seasons quilt (title still pending). Here's what happened

Oh, and those left over pieces? Here's what they look like at the moment.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think of a smaller piece that is based on an earlier fern photo.

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Sunday, July 08, 2001

While awaiting the opportunity to layer both of the big tops I've got done so I can start quilting, I've decided to see if I can do something with some of the leftovers from the October Sky quilt. That's really the one that started this whole adventure, and well, there are a lot of pieces left over.

While at Vermont I went to two gallery talks about the Amish quilts on display. One set were from Lancaster County, and the other were small "kinder" quilts mainly from mid-west Amish communities. Both of the women who spoke of these two groups mentioned the randomness of some of the work - pieces sewn in no particular order, and how this was something close to Amish tenets - making order from chaos. One mentioned how difficult it is to do something randomly

I sure know that - even if you try the old "put things into a paper bag and use whatever your hand brings out" it's tough to make yourself do that.

I'm not sure I'll do this for this "leftovers" piece but I might try it to start out. I basically have two piles - darks and brighters. Perhaps I'll randomize the darks. We'll see.

Random is hard.

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