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Saturday, July 07, 2001

Someone asked me about the size. Finished size will be approximately 76" wide and 48" high. Materials: Cottons, polyester. Raw edge applique, piecing. Will be machine quilted.

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The Seasons Quilt Top is Done! whooo hoooO!

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Taken by the Tsatsawassa Fire House - it struck me that if we DREW some of the flowers we see, people wouldn't believe they could really exist.

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How DOES she do it? Actually she does it by making a bit of a mess!

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Almost forgot:

Yesterday I took some really far out sunset photos, some of which you can see here on photographica Great view from my own roof.

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Friday, July 06, 2001

It's always messiest just before everything gets sewn together.

It was actually a relief this afternoon to pile up all the many fabrics on my ironing board and stick them back in the stash! Then I did the ol' tablecloth trick to get my biggest cutting board out from under the pile on my so-called cutting table. LOL.

Left - spring and summer panels with the shared sashing.
Right - spring panel with shared spring/summer sashing - all sewn together!

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Tuesday, July 03, 2001

I've just posted two new photos of the seasons quilt-in-progress. I had hoped to get more done while in Vermont, but I'm pleased with what I did accomplish. Oh, and I shopped a little for the project as well, so that should count too!

Go here to see the whole story of the quilt.

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