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Tuesday, June 26, 2001

All four season panels are sewn down and ready to be assembled into a quilt top. I'm off to the Vermont Quilt Festival for a little busman's holiday, and making the vertical sashing strips will be my main take away project. Better get something to put all those strips into!

I'm pleased with how they look and I'll take new photos of them later as time permits. I realized that one problem taking photos of them in my sewing room right now is that the easier place height-wise to take them gets them too close to the ceiling lights, so it's making the top look lighter and the bottom darker than they really are. AH! the little brain function light flickers dimly sometimes.

Who knew that you'd wish for more shades of blue thread in the wee hours? It wasn't hard to find a dark green thread that blended with most of the greens. Ditto the browns. Lavendars were a little touchier. But the range of blues were less accepting of a shade of blue thread or two. I probably could have used 5 or 8. Probably something about how one sees blue.

I think I found three that worked ok for most.

The other interesting thing of note was that the sheer fabrics were in many cases very easy to sew - they don't have much stretch to them so if they are pinned in a couple places the don't become bigger or move in one direction. Nice for blending, lightening or darkening areas.

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Sunday, June 24, 2001

Last night I finished sewing down the summer panel. I want to do just enough to know the panels won't move before assembling it into the rest of the quilt. Also, if they left unsewn, they might require too much quilting to nail all the bits down, and that would be difficult to balance in the rest of the pieced areas.

I'm always intrigued by the difference this sewing down process has on the raw edges. Sometimes I think I won't like the piece as much when it's flattened by the sewing but that hasn't happened yet. It's different but I always enjoy the new look.

Photos later.

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